A very big controversy arose a few days ago due to criticism from a Reddit user who would have shown that Samsung was falsifying their photos of the Moon.

In a blog post, the Korean brand defended its images and process:

“Samsung has developed Scene Optimizer, a camera feature that uses advanced AI for object recognition to provide the best experience for users. Since the introduction of the Galaxy S21 series, Scene Optimizer can recognize the moon as a specific object when taking a photo and applies a detail enhancement engine to the shot.

When you photograph the moon, your Galaxy device’s camera system will take advantage of this deep learning-based artificial intelligence technology and multi-frame processing to further enhance detail.”

Samsung explains: “In order to take a clear photo of the Moon, the Galaxy cameras use super-resolution to synthesize more than 10 images taken at 25x magnification or higher. An image taken at 25x or higher should remove noise and improve clarity and other details. Super Resolution technology helps you create images using multi-frame composition. When the scene optimizer is enabled and the moon is recognized as an object, the camera offers users a bright and clear image thanks to the scene optimizer’s detail enhancement engine in addition to Super Resolution technology.”

However, the moon will not be correctly recognized by the camera and scene optimization technology if it is obscured by clouds or if the lunar object itself is on the side that is not visible from Earth.

Source: Digital Trends

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