Apple has been trying to spread its eggs in more baskets for some time now.. And not just by cyclically introducing new devices—from Macs and iPods to iPhones and iPads, AirPods or Apple Watches—but also by shifting more and more weight to its services division.

Although their products continue to suggest almost 80% your income, AppStore commissions, Apple One, Apple Music, iCloud, or Apple TV+ subscriptions to a lesser extent, their relative importance increases every year in their accounts. Something that has also been added to by hype in recent years when Apple, thanks to its commitment to user privacy, has managed to take market share from direct competitors like Google or Meta.

This diversification does not stop there. Clearly, Apple has been positioning itself in the collective mind of its users for some time now as a partner for their productivity, their health – this aspect is very specific to Apple Watch owners – or even your finances. The last one, the United States for now, with the launch of the Apple Card.

But, in addition, a review of its recent purchases and acquisitions can also indicate in which new sectors Apple is targeting its interests in the future. Looking back provides a valuable perspective. Twenty years ago, for example, Apple did not participate in most of the businesses that we have named in the previous lines. Who knows what the Apple of the future will do, but this tourHe brings us some light. Not surprisingly, the company has acquired more than 25 companies since 2018.

Augmented reality, the bet is here

Apple Glass, AR/VR glasses
Speculative design of Apple augmented reality glasses

If the rumors are true Apple will introduce its augmented reality glasses / helmet in just a few monthsfully entering a sector that until now he had only touched with his fingertips.

For example, its ARKit solution, launched in 2017 and now part of RealityKit, allows developers to create augmented reality in their apps. But he is adding new companies in the sector to his basket.

In 2018, Apple acquired two companies in this sector.: camerasan Israeli start-up in the field of computer vision and augmented reality technologies, and Aconia Holographics, developer and augmented reality. These purchases have helped Apple grow its portfolio of patents and professionals, laying the foundation for future products based on both technologies.

In 2020 Apple has also acquired two virtual reality companies.. The first one was NextVR for $100 million who have developed content capture and delivery solutions for this technology in sports and entertainment. A few months later he bought spacespecializing in themed virtual environments and based on physical locations.

Apple, your medical company

For Apple, health is already part of its commitment to customer loyalty.. The company's research teams are actively investigating new health metrics the Apple Watch can help track, such as glucose monitoring, which looks like it's coming soon.

Last year, Apple announced a partnership with Biogen IDEC explore how the device can detect deterioration in cognitive health. They also signed agreements with important health care plans in the United States such as UnitedHealthcare And Etna offer on loan Apple Watch and other wellness services to its members.

In addition, in 2019 the company acquired Health Tueo, which developed a system to help parents manage their children's asthma symptoms while they sleep. This acquisition is further evidence of Apple's intention to engage consumers in health and wellness.

The quest to make Siri smart

Although Siri and Apple seem to be lagging behind in terms of artificial intelligence, seeing the achievements of Microsoft or Google, their attempts do not stop. In fact, the company has acquired so many companies related to this technology that it becomes difficult to keep up with them:

  • laser-likea machine learning platform that can better customize Siri, newsfeeds, and video apps for individual users.
  • journeyto improve your understanding of the Siri language.
  • inductivewhich developed an artificial intelligence platform to automatically detect and correct errors in datasets, helping to improve software with less human intervention.
  • spectral edgea company with infrared technology that can enhance iPhone photos.
  • In January 2020, Apple also acquired for $200 million related to image capture and processing, natural language processing, and object recognition.

Apple component company

The move from Intel's Apple chips to its own didn't happen out of thin air. In fact, amid uncertainty, the Cupertino-based firm has been looking for new alliances in the semiconductor market for some time.

was associated with TSMS, one of the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing companies in the world. It also acquired Intel's smartphone modem division for $1 billion in 2019. The latter gave it a sizeable portfolio of patents and added 2,200 ex-Intel employees to its ranks.

It has also acquired suppliers of other key components for the production of technological devices. For example, invested in Corningmanufacturer Gorilla glassresistant glass used for the screens of not only the iPhone, but almost all smartphones on the market.

Automotive patents

While rumors of a possible Apple Car come and go, what is certain is that Apple is already partnering with powerful companies like Volkswagen or filing car-related patents.

In addition, Apple acquired a self-driving car startup. In 2019, according to various reports, Apple was also in talks with Hyundai, Toyota, and Porsche to reach some sort of collaboration. Many of them are likely to lead to the use of the new CarPlay, designed to completely replace the graphical interface in cars from other brands. But there are also rumors of Apple Car-related encounters.

Media, entertainment and finance

In addition to all of the above, Apple is also involved in entertainment, media and finance. In 2020, during the pandemic, Apple closes undisclosed deal from Sony have distribution preference on Apple TV+ several of his performances. The first production to withdraw from the agreement was the film greyhoundstarring Tom Hanks.

We continue to work with the media. Apple Acquisition of Digital Magazine Service in 2018 Texture laid the foundations of its subscriber service AppleNews+released a year later in 2019.

In terms of finances, Apple bought in 2021 fintech British Credit Kudos, which uses the customer's bank details for a more detailed credit check. They have also formed partnerships to expand their services, for example with PayHawk And isracard to renew Apple Pay. and finally with Goldman Sachs launch your already mentioned credit card.

Source: Hiper Textual

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