A few days ago, the leaker, known for accurately revealing the Dynamic Island iPhone 14 Pro before it was announced, began leaking information related to the new button bar that will reach iphone 15 pro. Leak, through makrumura, said it would have a dedicated processor and the mute switch would be changed with an action key similar to the Apple Watch Ultra. He now claims that the solid-state buttons, which have replaced the traditional ones we see on other models, will include sensitivity setting function; good news for those who use sleeves or gloves.

The function, in particular, will allow the user adjust the sensitivity when pressing the buttons, which will have a mechanism similar to what Apple includes in the iPhone SE’s home button. This is a useful feature if your iPhone 15 Pro is wearing a case or if the person holding the phone is wearing gloves. Well, although the cases will be adapted to the new keyboard, the user will have to make another press, say forced, in order to be able to perform an action, such as turn on the equipment or turn down the volume.

“These capacitive buttons will work great with gloves and cases if designed right as there is a sensitivity switch.”

It’s not yet clear if Apple will let you fine-tune the sensitivity of the new keyboard.. Or if the company instead shows different activation options if, for example, the iPhone has a case or the user is wearing gloves. In any case, and considering the rest of the options related to the iPhone 15 Pro keyboard that Apple could include in the system, it is likely that in the device settings we will see a dedicated section for the aforementioned keys.

iPhone 15 Pro will say goodbye to the mute switch

iPhone 15 Pro black on black background, concept.
iPhone 15 concept by 4RMD.

Apple, according to previous information revealed by the aforementioned insider, will also replace the mute switch with an action key. That is, button similar to the one on the Apple Watch Ultra. In this case, the user could select a specific action that would be activated by one or more mouse clicks. For example, you could tap once to turn on the flashlight, concentration mode, or open an app, or double tap to turn off your iPhone 15 Pro, take a screenshot, and so on.

The iPhone 15 Pro will also come with a low power microprocessor. This will be used to make sure the solid keys are responsive even when the iPhone 15 Pro is turned off or out of battery.

Source: Hiper Textual

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