An SOS emergency message sent via satellite from iPhone 14 rescues students stranded in Utah canyon

Three students went up the mountain and got stuck in a pond.

SOS emergency messages via satellite saved the lives of three teenagers

We’ve seen how the Apple Watch has saved its users’ lives with its fall detection and health monitoring functions. However, it is not that common for this to happen in the case of the iPhone. They tell a story from KuTV. iPhone 14 saved the lives of three students They were climbing in Utah.

Apparently, the three young people’s routes were perfectly planned. But when they arrived in the canyon, which was nicknamed “Squeeze” in BC Emery County They encountered an unforeseen event that could cause their life.

Three students use satellite SOS emergencies to claim a rescue in Utah

SOS emergencies

Emery County Rescue Teams

From the Emery County Sheriff’s Office, they state that climbing The Squeeze “requires an entire day and is difficult and dangerous, especially at night.” In the case of these three students, they were perfectly prepared but faced an unexpected hurdle: a deep pool in the middle of the canyon.

Jeremy Mumford, one of the three rescued students, spoke about the canyon as follows:

“We suspect that this cold Utah winter has somehow altered the canyon, making it a much more complex scenario than we were prepared for.”

SOS emergencies

Young man near campfire with thermal blanket waiting for rescue services

One of the students started showing signs of hypothermia after being stranded at a point of no return in the pond. They came to a part of the pool where the water came up to their chest and one’s shoulders. One of them stayed in the cold waters of that deep pool for 3 hours.

“The canyon was 500 meters deep, but every 20 minutes a satellite was arrayed between the rocky mountain walls and by keeping the phone on we were able to receive a signal to send a 911 message, which definitely saved our lives.”

The Satellite SOS emergency function is available on iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. For now, Apple has expanded the functionality to Germany, France, Ireland and the United Kingdom, but it is not yet enabled in Spain at this time.

Fortunately, rescuers managed to find these three students, who would no doubt not practice climbing again until they were 100% sure the terrain was in optimal conditions.

Source: i Padizate

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