New accessibility feature is coming Mansanaas it will give the iPhone voice assistance capability in just fifteen minutes of training.

The feature is intended to “reduce apps and experiences to their core functionality to ease cognitive load.” This includes a combo version of phone and FaceTime, as well as modified versions of the Messages, Camera, Photos, and Music apps with high-contrast buttons, large text labels, and additional accessibility tools.

Apple says these features will arrive “later this year,” suggesting they could be part of iOS 17.

Magnifier also features a new recognition mode to assist blind or visually impaired users, which helps users interact with physical objects with multiple text labels. For example, Apple says a user can point their device’s camera at a cue, such as a microwave oven keyboard, which the iPhone or iPad will read aloud as the user swipes over each number or setting on the device’s screen.

Apple also noted a number of other features coming to the Mac, including the ability for users who are deaf or hard of hearing to connect Made for iPhone hearing aids to a Mac. The company is also adding an easier way to adjust text size in Finder, Messages, Mail, Calendar, and Notes on Mac.

Users will also be able to pause GIFs in Safari and Messages, adjust the speed at which Siri speaks to them, and use voice control for phonetic prompts when editing text. It all builds on Apple’s existing accessibility features for Mac and iPhone, including live captioning, VoiceOver screen reader, door detection, and more.

Sarah Herrlinger, Apple’s senior director of global accessibility policy and initiatives, said in a statement, “These innovative features were designed with feedback from members of communities with disabilities every step of the way to support a wide range of users and help people connect in new conditions. way.”

Source: Digital Trends

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