Samsung will keep Google as default search engine on Galaxy phones. After a few rumors, the sources of the incident The Wall Street Gazette claim to be South Korean manufacturer withdraws from Microsoft’s plan to use Bing search engine.

According to the information, the brand would consider changing the search engine used in the native Samsung Internet browser. Allegedly, this choice will be linked to the use of ChatGPT chatbot features added to Bing this year.

The potential search engine change will not directly affect Galaxy phone owners. Most users prefer to use other browsers like Google Chrome instead of Samsung’s native app.

However, the South Korean could cancel its renewal plans due to market concerns. According to sources, the manufacturer believes that the change in the search engine may affect business relations with Google.

Right now, all Samsung phones and tablets use Google’s Android operating system. Due to the long-standing partnership, Gigante das Buscas has customized certain apps to work better on the South Korean brand’s folding smartphones.

On the other side, Mountview company is one of the main buyers of Samsung memory chips.. In addition to Google, the Tensor processors of Pixel phones are also produced by the partner.

Doors to Bing remain open

according to sources The Wall Street Gazette, Samsung’s decision would not be a permanent one. in case, Bing search engine should remain a “future option” Because of the features of ChatGPT.

It is worth noting that Microsoft and the South Korean company also have a long partnership. For example, the two brands are working to provide Windows PC and Galaxy phone owners with an enhanced integration experience.

Like Google, Redmond’s big tech is a major buyer of Samsung’s memory chips, as well as key components for its cloud computing business such as OneDrive, Azure, and Microsoft 365 services.

Source: Tec Mundo

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