Finding a person by cell phone number is a great resource when we want to ensure the safety of those we are close to. Before using applications or websites that track Android and iOS devices, care should be taken not to commit the crime of violating the privacy of private life.

According to Brazilian law, It is illegal to monitor an adult over the age of 18 without their consent.. In the case of minors, only responsible persons can follow their children without prior consent.

If you use such tools without permission, you can be prosecuted for the crime stipulated in the Law No. 14.132/2021.

Now that you are aware of these conditions, check out our three recommendations of apps and websites for those who want to find someone – for security reasons – by simply entering their mobile number!

How can I find out a person’s location by their mobile number?

Explore free and paid versions of tracking services that require a mobile number and are highly rated by users. Don’t forget to let the person know when you’re going to use these resources, okay?

For example, if someone is in danger, the following apps are great options. It is possible to release the readiness tracking without making a fuss, as they send requests to the number. monitoring supports devices on all networks. Go to the site through a browser, choose the best paid subscription for your budget and that’s it!

You can now enter your mobile number and platform. sends an SMS with an activation link to that phone. When the person clicks on the link, the follow-up sharing will work immediately!

apple finder

Apple Finder is another way to find someone fast – and it’s free! First, it is important to make adjustments to the device configuration. Go to the “Contacts” tab, select your contact from the phone book and click the “OK” button.


Here we have an intuitive app for finding family and friends (after the person’s permission, of course!).

The work of iSharing is available on Android and iOS devices and even offers extra tools like location history and location alerts.

We’ve reached the end of our list of tips, but keep scrolling. Technology World and discover the promise of new Android that finds a disconnected mobile phone. Worth reading!

Source: Tec Mundo

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