Post editing will come for all users What’s up briefly. With this feature, it will be possible to make changes up to a few minutes after sending a text. Meta’s messenger made the announcement last Sunday (21) on his Twitter account.

In the broadcast, WhatsApp just shows a video with the message “Coming soon” written with an “N” pair inside a small bubble. Then the cursor goes to the typo and corrects the text to “Coming Soon”. Everything is redone in several languages.

Hints of the feature have been spotted for a while now, with official confirmation but no specific details. It is believed that editing WhatsApp messages will be similar to the one found on Telegram.

In the competitor messenger, there is no time limit for changing words, but it will appear as “edited” in changed texts. Telegram also does not show what has been changed or the previous version, as with other social networks.

current edition

Although new to most users, there is already a message editing feature on WhatsApp Web for beta testers since the beginning of this May. The option that appears when the menu opens in each speech bubble is “Edit messages”. A person has 15 minutes after being sent to change something.

Source: Tec Mundo

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