POT called a press conference for present their first UFO finds. Nearly a year after announcing that they would be investigating Unidentified Air Phenomena (UAPs), the panel concluded they needed more data. David Spergel, chair of the group, said the current data on UAP is insufficient because the data analyzed is not of high quality.

One of the main challenges for the team of 16 researchers and experts from different disciplines is that UFO data collection is fragmented. Observations are recorded by commercial aircraft, military drones or weather balloons, so the information reaches various government agencies. Spergel also mentioned that there is no quality control, as instruments are used that are not ideal for data recording scientists.

This was supported by Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the Airborne Phenomena Investigation Unit at the Department of Defense. Kirkpatrick mentioned that most flying objects have characteristics that are easy to explainalthough it cannot come to a valid conclusion with the current data. The manager also stated that there are some with potentially anomalous characteristicsAlthough this is a very small percentage.

This category includes flying saucers. Kirkpatrick was referring to the unidentified object that the military drone was looking for in the Middle East. The Department of Defense was unable to explain the origin due to biased data collection, although it assured that does not pose a threat. This UAP in the form of a metal ball has also been reported in other areas of the region.

UFO not of extraterrestrial origin

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Nadia Drake, a journalist and scientist who is part of the group, said that no extraterrestrial origin data for UAP. According to Drake, the data needed to explain anomalous sightings often doesn’t exist, so could not come to a final conclusion. The study of these phenomena is of interest to national and aviation security, and NASA wants to find a scientific explanation for them.

“Our job is not to define nature, but to study it in such a way that nature opens up to us no matter how exciting or frustrating that reality may be,” Drake said. “NASA is driven by science and committed to the exploration and understanding of air and space,” added Paula Bontempi, an oceanographer and research team member. “That includes the unknown, whether it be in the farthest corners of the universe or right here on our planet,” he said.

During the presentation, the team members made it clear that the space agency will rely on data. Asked if there is a “non-human” intelligence behind the aerial phenomena, Anamaria Berea, professor of computer science at George Mason University, said that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence“.

The first results of the UFO study may disappoint some, although this is a big step forward. NASA has identified a major obstacle to its studyso the next step is to submit a full report at the end of July. The purpose of the expert group is to create a roadmap for further analysis of UAP by other scientists.

Source: Hiper Textual

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