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Samsung recently released the foldable Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5, two of the most interesting smartphones of the year. However, it’s never too early to foresee the company’s next line of mobile phones. If Samsung sticks to its schedule, we can expect the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra to arrive in early 2024. And while there’s no word yet on what features and designs these new phones will have, we definitely have a desire. list. . More specifically, nine (9) wishes.

In fact, Samsung can improve the S24 series in many ways, from faster charging speeds and screen refresh rates to better cameras. And we won’t stop there. Samsung also needs to address one of the biggest issues with OLED screens that many people have, as well as improve the battery life of one particular model.

Without further ado, here’s everything we want to see in the next Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup.

conquer lethargy

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Each of the Galaxy S23 series phones has a beautiful and colorful design. Unfortunately, the look is also somewhat dull, especially when you look at new models coming out from brands such as OnePlus, Motorola, and Huawei.

The Galaxy S23 series has an impressive design, but lacks the vibrant two-tone colors of the S21 and S22 lines, where Samsung offered different hues around the cameras. This look should return in 2024 with the S24 line. The company should also consider adding one or two more unique colors.

Do you remember the Galaxy S10 series and its refractive colors and finishes? And what about the various shades of green the company has released over the years? Give us something refreshing Samsung Please!

It’s time for a major camera upgrade

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Smartphone camera systems are getting better with each new version, but not everywhere. With the Galaxy S23 Ultra, for example, Samsung has made no changes to the telephoto lens despite making some changes elsewhere in the lineup. We expect to see a more impressive camera update in the S24 lineup, especially since the iPhone 15 Pro Max will likely arrive with a new periscope zoom camera.

Rumor has it that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will feature a single 3x to 10x zoom telephoto lens instead of separate 3x and 10x lenses like the S23 Ultra. This change may allow for new camera features or other use of the extra space.

It would also be great if the S24 and S24 Plus finally went beyond 3x optical zoom. Samsung has made it clear that its Ultra model offers a better camera experience, but it’s time for the other two models to get some upgrades as well.

Faster screen refresh rate

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Modern Samsung models are known for their exceptional performance and easy-to-use interface. However, its 120Hz refresh rate is slower than some of the competition, such as the Motorola Edge Plus, which boasts a 165Hz refresh rate. To stay competitive, Samsung should consider increasing the refresh rate of at least one of its 2024 phones. .

A higher refresh rate can provide smoother video playback and animation for high frame rate content. By doing so, Samsung will improve the overall user experience and strengthen its position as the leading smartphone manufacturer in the market. It’s not a mandatory change and some people might not even notice it, but it would still be great if Samsung kept up with the competition.

Reduce screen flicker

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As we continue to strive for technological advances in mobile devices, it is critical to address the persistent flickering issue on OLED displays. Despite improvements in refresh rates and brightness levels, this issue still bothers some users.

Motorola has addressed this issue with flicker-reduced OLED displays in the Edge Plus, and with the Honor 90, a lot of attention is paid to making the screen usable for as many users as possible. It would be wise for Samsung and other manufacturers to do the same to provide a better and safer browsing experience.

A little (more) love for the drums

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Small phones often have poor battery life due to their thin design. However, manufacturers such as Asus have proven that even small changes can significantly increase battery life, as seen with the Asus Zenfone 10.

The Galaxy S23 has a slightly longer battery life than the Galaxy S22, but there are still more improvements that could be made. Let’s hope the upcoming S24 comes with a bigger battery than the current 3900mAh, even if that means a slightly bulkier design. “More battery” is always a good thing, and we hope Samsung delivers this message in time for its S24 family.

Improved download speed

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Samsung has been in the process of updating smartphone charging speeds for quite some time. In a world where OnePlus 11 is 80W and Motorola Edge Plus is 68W, 25W for S23 and 45W for S23 Ultra/S23 Plus is not enough! It’s a shame, especially considering the price of these phones.

For the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung should have offered faster charging speeds. Otherwise, we will continue to complain and lament how far behind Samsung is in this regard.

Lose weight

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The Galaxy S23 Ultra is an extraordinary device. This is the best Android phone you can buy today. And yet it is somewhat bulky and one of the heaviest smartphones on the market. If Samsung has found a way to reduce the weight of the Galaxy S24 Ultra even a little, no one will complain.

The lighter S24 Ultra will improve usability. And if the change was advertised correctly, it might convince more people to buy it.

Be firm in the face of rising prices

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There is not much information about the pricing of the Samsung Galaxy S24 models. The new devices are expected to cost the same as the current ones. However, the leak suggests the S24 Ultra could be more expensive, which is disappointing.

It’s worth noting that the new iPhone 15 Pro is also expected to come with a higher price tag, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Samsung follows suit, especially as material costs continue to rise across the board. But if Samsung can avoid this problem and cut prices (especially if Apple can’t), that would be a pretty significant win.

Don’t get rid of the Galaxy S24 Plus

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It is possible, even likely, that Samsung will not release the Galaxy S24 Plus due to changing market conditions. Still, Samsung would benefit from keeping the mid-range Galaxy in its lineup, if only to maintain the status quo and give consumers more choice. It will happen? A lot will depend on what they think of Samsung in the coming months. Most likely, the decision has not yet been made, at least not yet.

Time will tell what Samsung has planned for its Galaxy S24 series. Rumors will likely start circulating soon, so we’ll have a better idea of ​​what the new phones will look like and include features.

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