tennis player Novak Djokovic he repeatedly made headlines for his pseudoscientific tendencies. Undoubtedly, the most talked about was that she refused to wear COVID-19 vaccine, resigned himself to not participating in some tennis tournaments where it was a mandatory measure. He is now seen with a device on his chest, which he claims is a computer device. nanotechnology what makes you feel Ombre de Hierro.

However, after the press conference where he made this statement, the company responsible for the device, Dao Technology, began to claim authorship. They are manufacturers Tao Patch, a device that “feeds the body with therapeutic wavelengths of light without the side effects or release of any chemicals.” In addition, “it can be used every day, it nourishes itself with sunlight and body heat, guaranteeing treatment 720 hours every month“. And, as if all that wasn’t enough, “it can help improve pelvic and lower limb symmetry, muscle activation, balance, and focus, and moreover, speed up post-workout.” There is nothing.

That’s what they say, of course. One thing is clear: Novak Djokovic did not look for scientists on the scale of Tony Stark himself, but once again allowed himself to get carried away pseudoscience and holistic therapyprobably spending a fortune on something that not only doesn’t work, but might give some sufferers false hope.

The power of biophotons

The first thing that should alert us to the insufficient scientific effectiveness of the Tao plaster is that it countless features. Our body can be compared to the complex mechanism of a Swiss watch, with many parts that make it work properly. Some of them can be removed and they will continue to work, but others are necessary. But every detail has its function. If we add improvements to one of them, there will be very local benefits. The patch on the chest cannot perform so many functions. He needs to grab Novak Djokovic’s racket and play tennis for him.

But putting that aside, if we do research on the Tao Technologies website, we can see that the mechanism is based primarily on biophotons. These are supposedly photons emitted by cells when light falls on them, which promote internal communication. According to the company, it is this communication that brings benefits on many levels, since even the most distant cells from the point where the patch is located, can get effects. Also, as a good holistic therapy, it includes acupuncture points in the equation as these biophotons can also function as needles that are placed in strategic locations, creating very different effects. All this would sound great if not for the fact that there is no scientific evidence for the action of biophotons.

Where does such an idea come from?

Yes, it is true that when light hits cells, they reflect some photons. However, that this contributes to cellular communication has not been proven. The first scientist to propose it was a Ukrainian biologist named Alexander Gavrilovich Gurvich.

He came to this conclusion through a simple experiment. It took two plants onion and place their roots pointing at each other. Then, shining a light on his cells, he measured the rate of cell division at different points. He confirmed that they were much more intense in the areas of the bulbs that interacted with each other. Later, he repeated the experiment, placing a crystal between the two roots that transmits ultraviolet light. The effect was exactly the same. But when he repeated this with a glass blocking this type of radiation, this effect stopped. So he came to the conclusion that he generates ultraviolet radiationwhich facilitates communication between cells.

All this was initially very well received in the scientific scene. He was even nominated for the Nobel Prize (never use the fact that a person has this award as a guarantee of anything). However, when other scientists tried to replicate the experiment, they failed.

In science, for a study to be considered valid, it must be reproduced by other scientists. If not, it could have been a mere coincidence, or worse, the results could have been faked. For this reason, to this day, this experiment does not enjoy due popularity. But many holistic therapies have been successful using it as an argument.

Image of Djokovic patch taken from Twitter.

Novak Djokovic can’t be Iron Man

In 2020 a scholar at the University of Melbourne, Samuel Pinchsanalyzed the scientific studies on which Tao Technologies bases the effectiveness of the device used by Novak Djokovic.

According to this company, it not only serves to improve the physical performance of athletes and practically turns them into Iron Men, as the tennis player claims. It can also be used to treat all kinds of diseases. From something relatively simple like menstrual painl, even much more serious problems such as multiple sclerosis.

In fact, these patients are part of target head of this company. Most people with multiple sclerosis have buds who send themselves. Therefore, it may happen that the symptoms disappear when you put on the patch. Their feedback has helped the company rise in the rankings, but there is no evidence that this is really effective.

unreliable studies

While there are several related studies on the Tao Technologies website, they are all They leave a lot to be desired. Conflicts of interest are rarely discussed, and most of them are published in journals that collect only studies on the effectiveness of alternative therapies. In addition, there are few volunteers involved, there is plagiarism, and even researchers from hospitals where they do not really work are mentioned.

There are even names of scientists who are not aware of any other research. Well, one of them does. called Gaetano Calderera and published several studies between the late 19th century and the early 20th century. Since the research confirming the effect of this Iron Man patch is from the 21st century, one of three: either they are familiar, or it has the trick of eternal life, or it is a lie. We don’t want to think that this is the last time.

In short, there are plenty of reasons not to trust Novak Djokovic’s patch. That he wants to spend his money believing that he looks like Iron Man is not dangerous. But giving false hope to patients with diseases like multiple sclerosis is much more serious. For this reason, we should not take this tennis player as a scientific benchmark. He has shown this repeatedly.

Source: Hiper Textual

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