Earlier, MSI posted an installation video online showing an AMD Ryzen 7000 engineering example for AM5 CPUs. This allows us to take a closer look at the physical design of the next generation AMD processors, moreover, the inscription reveals how many cores are on board.

For example, the code “100-000000665” was applied to the chip, which refers to a 16-core and 32-thread model. Since the Ryzen 7000 series claims to have a maximum of 16 cores on board, all are expected to be a sample of the Ryzen 9 7950X.

Also, the video shows how to install an AM5 processor. Since AMD has moved to an LGA (contact pins on the motherboard) design with this generation, the setup process is almost identical to that of Intel’s processors: You access the socket with an arm, then place the CPU according to the asymmetrical notches. you can close the motherboard and mechanism back – leaving the chip in place.

MSI has since taken the video offline, but one viewer managed to get a copy.

Source: Videocardz

Source: Hardware Info

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