Lamborghini refuses to sell cars with internal combustion engines. This was stated by Stefan Winkelmann, President and CEO of the brand, in an interview with a German newspaper. BLISTER. This means the company is no longer accepting new orders for conventional engine models that are now part of its catalogue.

“Our Huracan and Urus models were sold out before the end of production,” the businessman said. Thus, as soon as the production of the ordered units is completed and delivered to their owners, the automaker will say goodbye to gasoline-powered cars.

However, It’s half true. Although Lamborghini will no longer sell cars with only internal combustion engines, it is far from saying goodbye to this technology. The next step for the brand, owned by the Volkswagen Group, will be focus on plug-in hybrids. And only later does he plan to make a leap towards 100% electric motorization.

You can’t say it’s a surprise. When Lamborghini announced its electrification plan for 2021, it made it clear that it intended to make a “hybrid transition” between 2024 and 2025. And only after that she will fully devote herself to the development and launch of an electric vehicle.

In fact, Lamborghini has already unveiled its first plug-in hybrid. It’s about whippeda model that arrived this year to replace the Aventador and is seen by the Italian brand as its first HPEV, or “high-performance electrified vehicle” for its acronym in English.

This car promises about 1015 hp. by combining its conventional propulsion system with “three high-density electric motors”. However, most of this monstrous power (about 825 hp) is generated by the 6.5-liter V12 engine..

It is then understandable why we say that it is not entirely true to say that Lamborghini has exhausted the possibilities of marketing its gasoline cars. His new models could be technically hybrid, but they are still far from independence from internal combustion engines.

The first all-electric Lamborghini will arrive in 2028.

Photo by Dylan Pirozek on Unsplash

Winkelmann explained that sales of the hybrid Revuelto will end in 2025. By then, Lamborghini plans to cut carbon emissions from its cars by 50 percent. But the company’s intention is to eventually make the leap to all-electric vehicles. with the launch of the first model scheduled for 2028..

The automaker’s top executive did not provide further details on what features it will include. Although he hinted that he had to offer not only great performance, but also adapt to daily use. In a sense, he compared it to what the Urus is now offering. However, the first all-electric Lamborghini is not expected to be an SUV, but will have a design worthy of the supercar brand’s flagship.

It remains to be seen if Lamborghini’s electrification strategy will change in the coming years. Recall that Europe has banned the sale of cars with gasoline or diesel engines since 2035, although later the conflict broke out when Germany, which was an ally of Italy, said it would not support the law. This started the synthetic fuel debate and prompted the European Commission to propose a new vehicle category to try and please the rebellious countries.

A hybrid transition plan can lets Lamborghini buy time in resolving legal disputes. If the synthetic fuels initiative comes to fruition, it won’t be unusual for the brand to use it to continue producing “high-performance hybrids” with powerful gasoline engines. This does not necessarily mean abandoning the electrification plan, but perhaps adapting it to models that focus on non-electricity. performance.

Source: Hiper Textual

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