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WhatsApp has released a set of Stranger Things animated stickers.


Stranger Things is one of the latest series that has been the most talked about in recent years, drawing a large following of fans, and today at 9:00 am Spanish time, it was available on Netflix on the first chapter of the fourth season of this series.

To celebrate and commemorate this fourth season, WhatsApp has decided to publicly release a set of animated stickers featuring the main characters of this seriesso that we can use them with our friends when we want to talk about it.

This is not the first time this has happened, as last year WhatsApp released a sticker pack called Sticker Heist based on the Spanish TV series La casa de papel. just coincided with the premiere of the new season of this series.

In this set of animated stickers at the moment number of stickers 11, although it is possible that more will be added as the series progresses, memorable moments occur or new characters are introduced.

Each of these animated stickers is based on a different character. from this series and with expressions different from each other, such as anger, love, greeting, indifference gesture and more, which can be used in many everyday occasions.

This set of stickers It can be installed from the official WhatsApp sticker store, but due to its recent publication, it may not yet appear for many users of this platform.so we have a little trick if you are one of those impatient people who already want to have it.


Stranger Things 4 – Trailer in Spanish

And this is that if we open this link from our mobile device, we can directly install this package and start using it. It is compatible with all platforms that WhatsApp itself supports such as iOS, Android, macOS, Windows or its web format.

We hope you enjoy this Stranger Things animated sticker pack and find it interesting. that you give them a lot of use while discussing new chapters with your acquaintances and friends.

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