Blocked by the sanctions and barriers put up by the Apple and Google marketplaces, ultimately the Russia he made his own official app store It allows Russian developers to sell their applications and accept in-app payments, which is now closed to them in both the App Store and Play Store.

The new store is called RuStore and is made by the same company he founded UKthe most used social network in Russia – it is often referred to as “the Russian Facebook”, but it is actually more correct to compare it with super-apps, a single portal that offers services offered in the West by different apps.

After the war in Ukraine broke out, Russia was barred from SWIFT payments. Google and Apple have been forced to stop generating all forms of monetization: for example, they are only allowed to distribute free apps, but not paid ones. Not only that, in the Russian Play Store, paid apps can’t even release updates. Google’s Russian branch recently filed for bankruptcy.

UK is part of Gazprom Mediawhich in turn is part of the group to which the eponymous giant of the energy production sector belongs.

Russia has been building a kind of digital autarchy for years, both through greater control over the products and services of foreign companies and by promoting apps developed by local companies. Russia has been designing RuNet for several years now, a plan to disconnect from the global internet, similar to what China has done. The conflict in Ukraine has accelerated all these initiatives, at the risk of further ‘balkanization of the web’.

“Creating a Russian app store was an essential task, imposed by the current market conditions,” said Maksut Shadaev, the Kremlin’s telecommunications minister.

Source: Lega Nerd

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