With company samples being sent before new devices are released, it’s always good to be careful what number or use is made of the unreleased items, also considering that it’s possible to violate official contracts by having them to sell unnoticed.

Recently, a scandal broke out about a user trying to enter the market platform from Facebook Marketplace one of the new ones Pixel 7 Pro not yet announced by Google, but in reality the event had an unknown precedent.

We are talking specifically about the same user, who in fact, as recently confirmed, had already had the opportunity to continue selling a Pixel 7 on the facebookbut remains undisturbed and allows the buyer to put their hand on the device and use it for weeks, giving them access to information not yet formalized by the Mountain View giant.

It must be said that the situation has now seen a stop on the part of the company, which in fact realized in time what was happening and decided to permanently block the device in question from a distance, as a result of which it is then not used much, even if it remains a fairly rare piece that is already in the hands of a user before the company has the opportunity to clarify its existence and potential.

At the moment, in fact, we are waiting for a presentation of the new Pixel 7, which should take place in the very near future thanks to the company, which in the course of a very short time could have the opportunity to speak in full, the opportunity to to unveil the new smartphone in the course of this summer.

Source: Lega Nerd

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