Doing sports is useful. It doesn’t matter when or how you do it. It doesn’t matter even if you have time to do a little bit every day. It is better to work out for a few minutes than to lead a sedentary lifestyle. However, if we are looking for specific results, it would be interesting to develop our procedures taking into account Times of Day where we play sports. That yes, the result will not be the same for everyone, because there is Differences between men and women.

This is the conclusion of a study recently published in Frontiers of physiology by a group of scientists from several US research centers. It tested how exercise practice affects fat loss and physical and mental health. in the morningbefore breakfast or in the eveningshortly before dinner.

This kind of research has been done before, but it had a huge bias, which, unfortunately, is still common in some areas of science. I dont know considered women. Even research with mice usually carried out with men. These scientists abandoned the outdated design of scientific studies and included women in them, thereby proving that the results are completely different. Because, in fact, it was in them that there was a greater spread between exercises performed during the day or at night.

Workout during the day or at night?

To conduct this study, the authors had to 27 women and 20 menthey are all healthy and active. During twelve weeks they followed a strict diet and exercised for an hour four days a week. Breaks were always on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

But not everyone went in for sports at the same time, as they were divided into two groups. One did exercises in the morning, before breakfast, and the other before dinner. As for the sport, it was the same for everyone: sprints, weight training, stretching and weight training.

The study analyzed both outcomes and participants’ physical and mental health.

Throughout the workout, as well as before and after, the various parameters associated with their physical and mental healthand they were also weighed and measured fat and muscle mass.

So they found that women who exercised in the morning burned 7% more belly fat and also reduced them blood pressure by 7%. In addition, they developed more leg strength. However, those who did it before dinner improved upper body strength. As well as your mood improved and cravings decreased food.

In men, there were no such sharp differences in the results obtained. That’s why there wasn’t much difference between the clocks in the previous results. However, it was seen that at night it improved slightly. blood pressure and fat oxidation. In addition, his mood improved and fatigue decreased.

What is it all about?

The explanation for the observed differences is not entirely clear, although there are some hypotheses as to what might be contributing.

First, there may be a pronounced hormonal component. In fact, this is why there are such clear differences between men and women. But the differences will be not only in relation to sex hormones. It is also possible that there were differences in levels leptin and ghrelin. Known respectively as hormones satiety and appetitethey are regulated heart rhythms. This means that ghrelin is secreted during meals, and leptin is secreted immediately after it.

The secretion of satiety and appetite hormones can also change with exercise.

The introduction of regular exercise may slightly alter the rhythms that govern this secretion, affecting both appetite and food cravings. The levels of these hormones were not measured in the study, but the authors suspect they may have been altered.

On the other hand, it is argued that in the case of women night fasting increase relative fat utilization during aerobic exercise. Basically, by going many hours without food, your body tends to mobilize these reserves. In addition, resistance exercise maintained over a long period of time may contribute to greater adaptation and mass loss in adipose tissue.

As for men, it is not known why there is almost no difference between. However, there is a suspicion that this is simply because they trained men and in them harder to get to interference within your body. There is less room for improvement, so exercise time is irrelevant.

In the future, all these reasons should be studied in great depth, as well as reasons why there are health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure with morning exercise for women and nighttime exercise for men. It would also be necessary to conduct a study with a larger number of participants, as its own authors acknowledge that 47 people is not a lot.

But at least they did something no one else had done before. remember, that women play sports too and as such they deserve to be taken into account in health and exercise research. Thanks to this, we were convinced that, perhaps, hypertensive patients should think about training in the morning. Also, if you want to lose weight or strengthen your legs. But if you want to have more endurance and increase hindquarter strength, it may be better to train at night.

These are all a few tips; although in fact the exercises are useful whenever they are performed. Are you male, female, cis or trans. The main thing is to move. Did you play sports today? If not, you are still on time.

Source: Hiper Textual

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