Apple may lose some control over web browsers on iOS. A new addition for Digital Markets Law (DMA) seems to focus specifically on the situation on the Apple platform. Web browser engines are now listed as something that should not be specifically restricted.

Currently, all browsers on iOS, including Google Chrome and Firefox, in addition to Safari, use Apple’s own WebKit to render pages. This is a requirement from Apple. Make sure all iOS browsers are basically the same and it’s itself mainly with other functions and onion should distinguish.

This is being addressed in an as-yet-unpublished edit on the DMA, currently available to The Register. The appendix specifically discusses what role browser engines play and why it is harmful for platform owners to place restrictions on it. The piece ends by stating that platform owners “should not do this.”

Certain services offered in conjunction with or in support of the gatekeeper’s relevant core platform services, such as technical services that support the provision of payment services, such as cookies services, web browser engines, payment services, or payment systems for in-app purchases, allowing business users to run their business and optimize services is very important for

Specifically, every browser is built on a web browser engine, which is responsible for basic browser functions such as speed, reliability and web compatibility. When Gatekeepers run and impose their browser engines, they are in a position to set the functionality and standards that will apply not only to their own web browsers, but also to competing web browsers and therefore web software applications.

Therefore, gatekeepers should not use their position as undertakings providing core platform services in such a way as to oblige dependent business users to use any of these services provided by gatekeeper as part of the provision of services or products by such business users.

Excerpt from the Amended Digital Markets Act. Source: Registration.

So it looks like Apple should allow other browser engines once the DMA goes into effect. This will happen in 2024. However, given the company’s rather unruly stance, that doesn’t guarantee that the browser market on iOS will actually become freer. Examples are the situation surrounding payment methods in dating apps and Apple’s refusal to meet the Dutch Consumers and Markets Authority’s requirements.

Source: Registration

Source: Hardware Info

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