While looking at the sky What age do you give to the universe? Unfortunately, there is no calendar showing the birth date of the world, but scientists have a way to calculate this vastness.

A study recently published in the scientific journal of the Royal Astronomical Society estimates that the universe is 26.7 billion years old; This is twice the length of the Big Bang theory’s conformation model, called 2021 Lambda-CDM. This shows that the universe is 13.8 billion years old! A young gentleman in the process of rapid expansion.

However, time estimation is not a certainty. The more data is collected and combined, the more questions arise.

It is almost possible to visualize the beginning of the universe with the journey of the James Webb Telescope. However, temporal aberrations such as the star HD 140283 (Methuselah), discovered by Walter S. Adams at the Mount Wilson Observatory in 1912, cast doubt on some cosmological questions: How can a star be older than the universe?

How is the age of the universe calculated?

It is a basic mathematical content. The equation takes into account the expansion rate of the universe and the standard cosmology model. It remains the same, right? The value of the radiation emitted is taken to calculate the age of the universe. Younger and closer signals have a shorter radiation pattern and tend toward the blue.

More distant radiations are longer in length and tend towards the red. Measurement of radiation is accomplished using a technique called spectroscopy, which captures and analyzes different lengths of radiation emitted by celestial objects.

Graphical model of the technique known as the spectroscopy technique.

The description of the Earth consists mainly of hydrogen and helium, which emit very characteristic wavelengths and make measurement possible. But not everything captured is easily distinguishable.

The universe emits many things, including dark energy. The standard cosmological model assumes that this energy accelerates the expansion of the universe.. But it is still unknown exactly how it works. This barrier to information limits the process of calculating the age of space.

Astronomical calculations are not simple because we cannot visualize exactly what we are calculating.

Temporal deviations

According to some scientists The universe may be much older. As mentioned before, stars like Methuselah cast doubt on everything we already know about the age of the universe.

Initial calculations showed that the star was 16 billion years old. But how could a star exist before the universe itself? Going back to the drawing board, more recent research has pegged the age of HD 140283 at 12 billion years.

The study of the universe still holds countless discoveries for us.

We popularly refer to the fields of physics and mathematics as “precise”, but the truth is that things are constantly changing. Models used today may one day be replaced for more complete models that fill many gaps that are still open today. However, by then the official age of the universe was estimated to be approximately 13.8 billion years.

Want to learn more? So, check out the first images of the universe revealed by the Euclid Space Telescope and stay tuned to TecMundo and stay updated on the latest developments in astronomy.

Source: Tec Mundo

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