Steam has released the results of its hardware and software survey last month. Windows 11 has risen in popularity again and more and more Steam users have 32GB of RAM. We are also seeing a cautious increase in the number of Nvidia RTX 3000 series graphics card owners.

The latter is of course due to the (better) availability of cards. 3000 series GPUs are slowly taking over the top 10 video card list still largely occupied by GTX 1000 cards. The share of RTX 3080 users grew the fastest at 0.24%, but the RTX 3060 (+0.18%) and 3070 (+0.20%) were also not behind.

In AMD, this growth was less noticeable. The RX 6600 XT, 6700 XT and 6900 XT posted a 0.03 percent increase in popularity. The non-XT RX 6600 was bought more, up 0.17 percent.

Seems to be gaining ground on AMD processors. AMD CPU percentage rose 1.24 percent to 32.80, while Intel fell 1.23 percent to 67.19. The net increase in the number of Steam players with 32GB of RAM is also notable (up 1.28% for a total of 12.86%). 16GB is still the standard at 51.41 percent (+0.82%).

It also appears that 0.65 percent more users attempt to ‘upgrade’ to Windows 11, with almost 20 percent now running the operating system on their computers. Windows 10 is still the clear winner at around 74 percent, and even up 0.34 percent. Windows 7 suffered significant losses, down 0.52 percent, with only 2.41 percent still using it.

Source: Steam

Source: Hardware Info

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