Microsoft is adding some new features to its data management solution Purview. These are called ‘Communications Compliance classifiers’ which can be used to detect company policy violations.

The new discovery features coming into public preview this month are detailed in Microsoft 365’s Roadmap. Purview can now also detect:

  • manipulation of stocks, such as advice to sell or buy (93256),
  • leaking confidential information (93257),
  • Detects messages that refer to covert actions such as hiding information or hiding private conversation, interaction, or instances of information (93258).
  • employee plans to leave organization (93251),
  • sabotage plans in the company (93253),
  • a gift in return for a service, etc. exchange (93254),
  • money laundering (93255)

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has introduced such new detection capabilities. At the end of 2020, the ‘Efficiency Score’ function, where the productivity of employees can be monitored, was put into use. There was a lot of negative reaction to this at the time, and then the amount of detail that the administrator could see in the software decreased.

Source: Pupuweb

Source: Hardware Info

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