John Wick He released his fourth film last March. It had long been rumored that this would be the last installment in the franchise, which would focus on spin-offs from then on. However, in May the President Lionsgate Film Group confirmed the development John Wick 5. An idea that, paradoxically, Keanu Reevesthe actor playing the main character completely disagrees.

In the last minutes John Wick 4the hero manages to defeat all his enemies. However, the constant struggle and wounds inflicted on his body led to him bleeding and passing out on the stairs of Montmartre in Paris. Thus, in the final scene, Winston bids him farewell at his wife’s grave, located next to his wife’s grave. An allegorical image symbolizing the reunion that Vic longed for. Everything seemed to indicate that the infallible killer was dead.

And that’s exactly what Reeves asked those responsible for this saga. Producer Vasily Ivanik confirmed Collider that the actor begged to end the life of his beloved character once and for all. “After the second, third and fourth films, making them is very tiring and destructive Keanuphysically and emotionally,” Iwanyk explained about the series. Continental. “At the end of the day, he always says, ‘I can’t do this again,’ and we agree. This guy is just a shell of himself because he just goes out and makes it happen. He said, “I want you.” definitely kill them at the end of this film,” admits the producer.

However, in the end the company decided to ignore it completely. Although John Wick’s supposed death and subsequent burial was shown, the body inside the coffin was not visible. And without a body, the movies have already shown that you can play resurrections. “We thought, ‘You know, we’ll leave the rate open at 10 percent,'” he then suggests. Ivanik. This is exactly what the studio took on to release another part.

What’s next for John Wick?

But even if John Wick 5 announced, there are still other previous projects in the franchise coming sooner. The first of them, which will appear soon, will be the series Continental. Amazon Prime Video On September 22, there will be a premiere of a story that will plunge into the past of the irreplaceable Continental Hotel in New York in the late 70s. A proposal in which the main character will be Winston Scott himself, the character Ian McShane. On this occasion, his young version will be performed by Colin Woodell. In addition, the series will feature Mel Gibson in the role of an important mafia boss.

Another major expansion of the John Wick universe is coming with Ballerina. Starring in this film Ana de Armas will present the story of a brutal killer, trained from childhood, who will take revenge on those who killed her family. In addition, the organization Ruska Roma, which could be seen in John Wick 3. Being in the film will be the icing on the cake. Reeves as Vic. The film will be released in theaters on June 7, 2024.

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