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Solar panels and batteries: these packages are discounted on eBay


Solar energy is unstoppable in Spain. With the push they’re getting as Europe gradually turns off gas taps from Russia, renewable energy is more important than ever.

On a smaller scale, you can also switch to self-consumption with solar panels thanks to offers currently available on eBay in Spain. You will not only find cheap solar panels, that they also have additional 20% discount.

To obtain 20% discount in these batteries, solar panels and mounting kits, you will only have to use code “LIGHTSAVER20” before paying on the page where eBay confirms the purchase you want to make.

You can find solar panels that you can install in your single family home or garden. There are also inexpensive portable panels that use a traditional portable battery. You’ll even find storage stations to save all that energy and spend it little by little.

These offers are ideal, for example, for people who use caravans or converted vans for the increasingly famous #onelife. You can mount them on your roof or use portable solar panels when you’re parked.

Remember get 20% discount on solar panels with code LIGHTSAVER20.

Complete kit with 25W solar panel

25W solar panel kit and controller


Solar panel kit 10W/25W and controller

This kit is ideal for anyone who needs to build a solar panel system on a vehicle.

It has a 25W solar panel, a 10,000mAh 12V battery, a controller, and all the necessary cables for installation. More solar panels can be installed, but only one panel is included in this kit.

The 10W panel starter kit costs only 16.57 euros with code. LIGHT SAVER20 and in this case it has no battery.

The 25W panel kit, cables and controller cost €43.70 with the same discount code.

Beaudens Storage Station 52,000 mAh

Bodens solar array


Bodens battery

If you are looking for a way to store all the energy that solar panels will generate, this external solar panel battery from Baudens is a good option.

It has a capacity of 52,000 mAh and has many connectors for charging any type of product. Use even small household appliances.

It has a 14.8V/3A AC output, 2 x 12V DC outlets, 2 x 5V USB ports, and an 18W fast charging USB port. The input has an AC outlet, a car charger and a solar panel connection.

The regular price of this battery is 189.99 euros, but with a 20% discount, it remains at 151.99 euros.

Portable solar panel ALLPOWERS 21 W

Portable solar panel ALLPOWERS


Portable solar panel ALLPOWERS

This is one of the most versatile solar panels that you can use, especially on trips to nature, to recharge your electronic devices such as mobile phones, GPS, camera batteries or smart watches. portable solar panel from ALLPOWERS.

This is a system of 3 small solar panels that stack together. The panels have a total power of 21 watts.

It has a 5V 2A USB port to connect devices or a battery to recharge it. It also has a DC connection of 18V and 1A. All in a product designed to be resistant to the elements and weighing less than 500 grams.

Its price is 71.17 euros, but with the code AHORRALUZ20 it remains only 56.93 euros.

Set of 2 solar panels 240W and controller

Solar panel kit 240W


Set of 2 solar panels 240W

If you’re looking for a way to generate enough power for a caravan or even for your own consumption in a mini home, this up to 240W dual panel kit is the perfect option.

It comes with two solar panels of 120W each, a controller and the wiring required for installation. Only need

You can find this kit on eBay for €249.69 by applying the discount code.

130W flexible solar panel.

flexible solar panel


130W flexible solar panel.

If for some reason you need to mount the solar panel on an uneven surface, don’t worry because with this flexible solar panel you can bend it so that one side will always be brighter than the other.

It has a maximum output of 130W and 12V. It has a connection cable, but a longer cable is required to connect to the controller and battery.

This is the ideal solar panel for temporary placement on the roof of a camper or van. It is also very light and with a good level of performance.

The flexible solar panel costs 127.99 euros with a discount code.

Source: Computer Hoy

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