Tesla was accused of using an outside company for: spying on the social activity of its employeesin an effort to nip and block any union initiatives in the bud.

This is according to an investigation by CNBC: the carmaker is said to have monitored its employees between 2017 and 2018. In the same years, some employees started talking about the possibility of joining a union. The activity was commissioned by: MWWa PR agency.

MWW has been ordered to spy on groups on employees’ social networks and report all themed conversations Working conditions within Tesla: from low wages to harassment complaints.

The news comes in a context that is anything but serene for the major US tech industries. From Amazon operations to Apple Store employees, for the first time ever, US employees are successfully using .’s tool labor unions to get more protection and higher wages.

An Amazon warehouse in Staten Island has approved the creation of a union for workers’ representatives. Never before had a union entered an American warehouse of the behemoth.

Tesla is said to have used the information obtained on social networks to make its communication campaigns more effective, in order to have all the means to convince employees not to join unions.

The National Labor Relations Act prohibits any employer espionage of employees, especially if surveillance is ordered with the aim of discouraging union activity. Tesla has yet to comment on the allegations, while MWW said it did not engage in any clandestine espionage activities. “We only collected information published in public and open spaces, while we did not monitor group or invitation-only activities,” said a spokesperson for the investigation.

Source: Lega Nerd

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