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Night vision with fall protection: this is the new Doogee S98 Pro


A durable mobile phone may be the ideal choice. Phones of this type are special reinforced design so that they remain intact after spectacular falls, the device is recommended for those who do not want to worry and always be calm. They do what they do.

In this sense, Doogee S98 Pro brings interesting news to the rugged phone market.

Which? Let’s look at them in a little more detail. Though first a hint: they are all designed for the most intrepid user to get the most out of their new smartphone.

Risky, reliable and attractive design


The design of secure mobile phones is not for everyone. These are robust mobile phones that usually take up more space than other terminals.

However, the Doogee development team has put all the meat on the grill so as not to be limited by the fact that its new model will be even more durable.

According to the brand itself, they chose a design inspired by aliens. And rightly so: looking at the back of your phone is like looking at a creature from our favorite sci-fi movie. Without a doubt, this is something to appreciate in the monotonous field of mobile phone design.

In addition, the Doogee S98 Pro phone has waterproof IP rating to a depth of 1.5 m and against powerful jets of water.

If we drop it, no problem: it survives a 1.5 meter drop and survives extreme weather conditions. No wonder this terminal corresponds MIL-STD-810H standard, standard developed by the US military.

with night



Doogee S98 Pro is designed for the explorer and adventurous user, including 20 megapixel night vision camera from SONY. with another additional thermal image.

Thus, the phone becomes an ideal companion for night raids. To this pair we must add a third high-definition lens made by SONY and 48 megapixels.

Let’s talk a little more about the thermal imaging camera: it’s made by InfiRay and has more than twice the resolution of the competition.

In addition, it has a fairly high frame rate of 25Hz, making it easy to take pictures even in low light.

Moreover, thanks to the technology Merging two spectra From InfiRay, Doogee S98 Pro becomes a powerful tool for diagnosing electrical shorts, high temperatures, humidity, obstacles, etc.

This technology allows you to combine images from the InfiRay thermal camera with images from the main camera into one, thereby providing a large amount of detail.

Battery that lasts. And then it lasts a little longer

c98 pro


The Doogee S98 Pro boasts a long life battery: 6000mAh (with 33W fast charging and 15W wireless), so we don’t run out of juice for a day and part of the next.

This is very important if we use our mobile phone for work, because it is somewhat inconvenient to carry external batteries with us or look for a plug to give it an extra boost.

Efficiency and multitasking

MediaTek Helio G96 processor, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory, which can be expanded with a microSD card up to 512 GB.

The Doogee S98 Pro cover letter also focuses on efficiency and multitasking, which also makes it a student-friendly all-in-one terminal.

Other features of the Doogee S98 Pro include: NFC for mobile payments, a button that can be configured to perform various tasks, support for four GPS navigation satellites and pre-installed Android 12, the latest version of Google’s operating system at the moment.

Doogee S98 Pro went on sale June 8 for $439.99 (€409.95) but will be available in promotion during the first five days of sales worldwide for $329 (€307.23).

But if we want even cheaper, the first 100 buyers can take it home for $299 (€279.21).

Similarly, the brand will also offer coupons to save us a little on the final price of this smartphone. You can buy it on AliExpress and Doogeemall.

The new Doogee S98 Pro is presented to the user as an ideal phone for outdoor activities.

The perfect tool for leisure and work without worrying about falls, getting wet and other dangers that lurk during the day.

Source: Computer Hoy

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