There’s a lot of talk about tropical summer nights and trouble falling asleep, but… sleep cold This is also no small feat. Yes, we can resort to blankets, but this is also not a panacea. It’s true that there are people who like to hide under layers of wool and coral. However, it may also be that the weight is unpleasant or that we are spending from excessive cold to excessive heat. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to know some tricks to sleep in cold weather without resorting to blankets.

Mostly they pass regulate our temperature outside and inside. That is, there are habits we can use to feel less cold while sleeping, as well as ways to air condition the room. Among the latter, of course, is heating, but there are many other options.

After all, spend the whole night with heating lighting may not be the best idea, both from an economic and environmental perspective. Even for health reasons, since, for example, your throat can become very dry. So, if we don’t want to use too many blankets or turn up the heat all night, what can we do to sleep in the cold without waking up to white walkers?

Best temperature for falling asleep

The first thing to keep in mind when sleeping in the cold is that you should not exceed a certain temperature while sleeping. air conditioning in the rooms.

Many of our physiological functions repeat in cycles of approximately 24 hours, known as Heart rhythms. Among the phenomena regulated by these rhythms, the most clear is sleep, since every day we spend a certain number of hours asleep and awake at approximately the same time of day and, therefore, at the same time.

These circadian rhythms are in turn regulated through chain mechanisms. The first link in this chain is usually light. Our brain determines that it is night sunset it comes to him through our eyes. As a result, roughly speaking, melatonin begins to be released. This is a hormone that promotes sleepiness in various ways, including a drop in our body temperature.

We’ve all noticed that we feel colder at night. And it’s not just that the temperature outside is lower. In general, our temperature is dropping. In fact, if we put on a thermometer, we can see that in general the temperature peaks around 4 p.m. starts to go down a little when we sleep, reaching its minimum very late in the morning, around 06:00, to begin to rise again.

If our temperature drops so much, it is because it is a necessary factor for our body to understand that it is time to sleep. That’s why, attempts to raise it artificially may be counterproductive. This tells us that it’s not about sleeping in the cold, but that we need to keep our rooms at an adequate temperature, which experts say is around 18°C.

Getting ready for bed is also very helpful in helping you fall asleep in cold weather. Photo: Amin Hasani (Unsplash)

Tips on how to sleep in the cold

When it is very cold, maintaining that temperature, even if it is lower than we can imagine, is difficult. Therefore, it is difficult to sleep in the cold.

We’ve already seen that blankets can be uncomfortable or raise temperatures more than our circadian rhythms allow. Therefore we must resort to Other options.

It’s very interesting to wear socks. It is true that there are people who cannot wear them before bed, even in winter. However, it has been proven that this can be a fantastic way Fall asleep.

Apparently, another physiological phenomenon that signals our brain that it is time to sleep is dilation of blood vessels in the arms and legs. This promotes better blood flow to the surface of the skin so that heat can be lost through it and regulate the body temperature so that it is ideal and necessary for a comfortable sleep. It warms us up and we sleep better.

Yes we can also use blankets but by layers. Just as it is much better to wear three layers of warmth than one sweater, when sleeping, it is advisable to start with a minimal amount of blankets and add them gradually if necessary. This way we avoid the consequences of this overheat it won’t let us sleep.

Overheating, which, in addition, it might make us colder if we sweat. After all, when we sweat, our skin becomes covered with water, and this liquid is an excellent conductor of heat, which little by little leaves our body, which is why we sleep even worse in the cold.

This may also be useful warm the bed before bed. For example, this is achieved by entering hot water bottles under the blankets. This way, when we go to bed, we notice a very pleasant temperature, but without excessive heat.

Thus, we see that in order to sleep without catching a cold, we must start taking measures long before bedtime. For example, we can also do some light exercise or drink a hot infusion. And of course we must support well heated The room where we are going to sleep. Good window insulation is important so that if the room becomes warm during the day, either through heating or sunlight, the heat can be more easily concentrated.

In short, the main thing is not to think that the warmer we get, the easier it will be to sleep in the cold outside. Too high a level can be counterproductive, so it’s best to increase it gradually.

Source: Hiper Textual

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