There are many cases where google has a way to improve the Cards to enable this to provide a more interesting experience related to the connection to the real world, with in fact more and more content being inserted. From the price of gasoline to traffic lights, the real-time passing of road signs and directions, the company has truly seen all the colors, but with an innovation still waiting to come.

Indeed, with the arrival of the summer of 2022, Google has decided to integrate a reference system within the Maps platform with regard to the air quality of the areas you virtually visit, with the company actually deciding to add a real new option to the layers menu, designed to admire everything on the map of the area. There is a scale of values ​​ranging from 0 to over 400, with the numbers always getting better as you approach zero, with a descending system to watch out for.

In order to obtain the data, Google relies on:EPA and to the provider PurpleAir that analyzes exactly that. After the announcement in March last year, the company has finally managed to successfully implement everything in its application, while it remains to be seen whether the user feedback on what has been introduced will be positive or not.

All that remains is to wait for more news on this, therefore in the coming days, while we do not yet know what will be the next features that the giant will insert regarding the Maps platform, fortunately continuously supported thanks to new updates.

Source: Lega Nerd

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