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Saturday, July 20, 2024
Home Tech Samsung plans to ditch the photosensor in its next mobile phones
Samsung plans to ditch the photosensor in its next mobile phones

Samsung plans to ditch the photosensor in its next mobile phones


Mobile phone manufacturers have been integrating a huge number of sensors into their offerings for quite some time now. Having more than one sensor can always seem like a good idea, but that all changes when additional sensors don’t provide any added value. both to experience and to photographic results.

Actually, There have been a number of devices that have gone through our analysis chart in recent weeks that are a perfect example of how bigger isn’t always better.. The Realme GT Neo 3T is one such terminal that, in addition to the improved photographic section, has a macro sensor that adds absolutely nothing to the photographic section.

Another device that goes down this path is the POCO X4 GT, which also has a built-in macro sensor, which, in truth, is completely consumed and which POCO could completely save. Seeing this scenario and for other reasons, Latest rumors suggest Samsung will get rid of the sensor in its next devices.


Samsung Galaxy A72 review

The report that talks about this situation comes from The Elec, and media outlets like Digital Trends have echoed Samsung’s possible moves. To take the panic out of the situation, we should make it clear that the report will say that the South Korean firm is ditching the sensor in its mid-range phones..

Come on, high-end phones like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or foldable phones like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G that will be updated soon will still have multiple sensors like before. Samsung seems to have focused on a sensor designed for depth measurement and portrait photography..

One could even talk about models that arrive without this sensor and will replace the Samsung Galaxy A73. which, unfortunately, did not set foot on our borders, as did its predecessor Samsung Galaxy A72. Of course, there would be talk that the decision could also affect the Galaxy A lineup.

What is the motive behind this move? From what was seen in the report, Samsung will focus on the main cameras and improve both the experience and the result that these sensors are capable of delivering.. In addition, no physical sensor is currently required to achieve a convincing bokeh effect.

Source: Computer Hoy

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