Colorful, modern, different tastes and surrounded by fake news. Also known as electronic cigarette capsules or electronic cigarettesIncreasing popularity among children and young people – keep experts on their toes A mass disease that is expected to emerge in the coming years.

The misconception that electronic cigarettes are less harmful or even harmless than traditional cigarettes is widely spread on the Internet. Recent research points to the influence of social networks on the popularization of e-cigarettes, depicting them as glamorous, healthy and safe. According to experts, this situation is far from reality.

The result is a large number of young people who use the devices without being aware of their harmful effects, as Débora Chong, a pediatrician and pulmonologist at Pequeno Príncipe Hospital, puts it: “They are real wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

He explains that capsules with or without nicotine can cause serious health problems. “Studies show that some types of aromas are also formed when heated to the same temperature as the e-cigarette. harmful substances. Including carcinogens“It is a situation that will damage the lungs and may even require hospitalization in the short term,” he warns.

According to the Brazilian Pediatric Society (SBP), in addition to these toxic effects, an increase in the incidence of bronchitis and asthma, damage to oral and throat health, and addiction can also be seen. World Health Organization (WHO), devices affects brain developmentIn addition to triggering and worsening heart and respiratory diseases, they also have effects on learning and mental health.

It goes without saying that the well-known harms of nicotine remain and are often found in e-cigarettes in much higher amounts than those found in traditional cigarettes: “There is 10 to 15 times more nicotine in an e-cigarette bulb than in a pack of cigarettes,” points out the doctor.

New industry tactics

The commercial appeal of such a harmful product is not new. “For today’s children and teenagers, e-cigarettes have the same relationship as ordinary cigarettes for our grandparents. They think it is not addictive and are not aware of the problems caused by vaping,” explains João Paulo Becker Lotufo, representative of the Brazilian Pediatric Association on issues related to alcohol and other drugs.

“In order to survive the decline in the use of regular tobacco and regular cigarettes in the world, the industry created this new mechanism,” Lotufo analyzes. The difference is that today the dominant advertising is on the internet and through word of mouth.with the use of a brand new image that aims to differentiate the capsules from traditional cigarettes.

“Industry I know how to do this. He did something for young people who did not know the consequences and many of whom would become addicted to nicotine.” The bad smell of cigarettes was replaced by sweet aromas, and the plain colors were replaced by colorful ones. Instead, other terms became popular. It is said that smoking evaporates. However, its harmful effects continue and are even greater. It could be: “It should be clear that the liquid that vaporizes nicotine is carcinogenic, contains heavy metals, and creates inflammation,” says Lotufo.

How can parents deal with their children’s e-cigarette use?

Chong analyzes that knowledge is key. It is necessary to meet and not judge, but to try to establish a dialogue with the adolescent, to keep the communication channel with children open and provide reliable information. “Everyone needs to know that electronic cigarettes are not harmless, it is not that simple and it is harmful to your health. This is a worrying scenario,” Chong concludes.

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Source: Tec Mundo

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