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New from Amazon is the opportunity to try on shoes in augmented reality.


Amazon is a versatile giant that has a huge number of offerings, and a company that started by devoting itself to e-commerce has taken off its wings to touch on an infinity of sectors. Yes indeed Amazon does not neglect online commerce and integrates more and more features to make shopping easier for users..

Among the features seen to date is its app getting smarter over time in terms of product recommendations. But that’s not all and Amazon, being an online store, is trying to solve the problem of not having a physical store with the help of technology. as an example which we will see below.

And it’s that those at Amazon have just launched a new feature that allows everyone to try on shoes without having to visit the store in person, and that makes sense since that would be impossible. To make it work Amazon had to use augmented reality.


What is augmented reality?

This is not a novelty per se, since there was already an app in the past that allowed people to try on different shoes without leaving their home. The most interesting thing about the Amazon app is simple the fact that the e-commerce giant decided to launch a similar feature.

The operation is quite simple, and from what we’ve been able to see thanks to The Verge, the app works just fine. it is best to have the mobile device pointing down and you have to be completely barefoot, you don’t even need to wear socks as they can get in the way of work.

Even though what we have mentioned is the most recommended, according to Amazon, the app should work correctly at all times and therefore it can do it even while wearing shoes. This augmented reality feature allows people to turn their feet and have their shoes accompany them through the turn..

The intention of this app is pretty good, what happens at the moment is thatIt is only available on iPhone so he leaves out of work any user who does not have a device from a bitten apple. We’ll have to wait to see if it becomes available for mobile phones with a Google-signed operating system in the near future.

Source: Computer Hoy

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