If I now said: here, keep a brand new iPhone of the last remnants with 64 or 128 GB of memory, I would disappear. True, in 2022 I sincerely regret those who believe that this amount of memory is enough for comfortable use.

Personally, I only have photos located in almost 20 GB of space in the iPhone. Thanks to Apple for the 13 Pro Max with 1TB of storage!

But what about those who don’t have that much free space and who don’t have enough free 50 GB of iCloud, but don’t want to pay for additional space in the cloud?

To return memory to your iPhone you can upload up to 5000 of your photos and videos on the Apple server completely legally and for free and save them there as long as you like. From the memory of the iPhone, clear, restore decent space for downloading applications or games.

What is the magic, you ask? No magic, just a side feature of Shared Albums, which is part of the stock Photos app.

What is Shared Album

To share photos and videos with friends, family, and anyone else, in the Photos app for iPhone, you can create a special album in which you copy the necessary photos and send messages to this album to another person. This person clicks on the link and in their Photos app launches this album with your photo.

A handy thing, for example, if you were on vacation with your family, took a lot of pictures, and then went to different cities. No need to archive photos, upload them to a file sharing service, and so on. It is enough to create a “Common Album”, collect all the photos from the holiday in it and send it to all private invitations to this album.

So I thought about the use of this feature by Apple in iPhones.

But here’s what’s interesting: photos and videos that are uploaded to a shared album, iCloud. That is, Apple takes care of storing these media files completely free of charge and for an unlimited period. Therefore, if you don’t have enough internal information on your iPhone, you can create one shared album, upload many photos in it and not share it with anyone.

How to create a shared album

First, make sure you have this feature enabled. On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings > [ваше имя] > iCloud > Photos and an additional Shared Albums option if it’s disabled.

Next, go to the “Photos” app, evaluate the “Albums” tab and click the blue X in the selection area of ​​the screen. Select “New Shared Album” from the menu provided. Then followed the title of the new album.

In the next step in which this happens, select the contact with whom you will need to go through the album, just skip and boldly click “Create”.

Now it remains just to select many, many photos and videos, purchase on the “share” icon and select the “To shared album” item. The photos copied in it can be safely deleted from the library, they are all deleted in the shared album, without taking up space either in the smartphone’s memory or in the iCloud storage.

The only caveat is that the length of the videos should not exceed 15 minutes.

Indicative of personal distribution: collected a lot of footage from concerts and moved it to the Shared Album folder. See screenshots.

How much space did the “Photos” folder take to transfer videos to the “Shared Album”.

Here’s how much space the Photos folder takes after moving videos to the Shared Album.

The only thing is that you need the Internet to view photos and videos in the Shared Albums folder, because they are downloaded from the clouds. But these are trifles, in our time the Internet is always there.

Use this life hack, owners of iPhones with low memory speed.

Source: Iphones RU

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