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This is how the police hunted for a motorist who covered the license plate with his hand while driving through the radar


Veloso slope This is a section of the road connecting Pamplona with the city of Bourlanda in Navarre. It’s a downward slope, so there some cars use the slope to exceed the speed limit.

To avoid this, the Udalcaingoa Municipal Police installed a radar. and recently camera of this cinematograph began to take curious pictures, according to AutoBild.

In the photo posted by the municipal police on Twitter, you can see biker who covers the license plate of his motorcycle with his handbecause it knows what passes through the range of the radar camera:

Not only it is forbidden to cover the license plate, in any situation. As we can see in the image, the rider has to bend his body a lot to put his hand on the plate, and dangerous driving with one hand.

Perhaps he thought that this action would deceive the radar and the police. For radar maybe, but for agents it’s something else… As ironically explained in the tweet itself: “The pitcher hits the fountain so hard that it eventually breaks.”

According to the Udalcaingoa Municipal Police, “After passing Beloso’s radar several times on a moped obscuring a license plate, he was found yesterday and convicted of his violations.”

For sure to the possible speeding ticketsif so, penalties will be added for failure to comply with Article 76 of the Rules of the Road, which establishes as a serious violation the fact of “failure of the obligation of all drivers to check that the registration plates of vehicles of vehicles do not create obstacles that prevent or prevent their reading or identification.”

And although the authorities do not explain how they “hunted” the motorist, several different ways can be assumed. You may not see his license plate or face, but his helmet and overalls are quite attractive. They could easily identify it with other cameras in the cities and on the highway.

Or through the registration of this type of motorcycle. And since he was hunted several times in the same place, it would be enough to put the patrol to wait for him when he plays.

The moral is simple: never underestimate the police…

Source: Computer Hoy

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