Black urine, raccoon eyes, altitude sickness… The main characters have many symptoms. Snow Society and this is shown beautifully in the film. There is clear scientific documentation behind this; in addition, of course, to interviews with survivors of the accident. And, of course, that some characters his teeth were moving.

There are several reasons why teeth may move. We don’t know exactly what was going on in the minds of the creators Snow Society or if it actually happened to one of its main characters, but this can be assumed with some variations.

In fact, the most likely cause is gum disease, known as paradontosis. Although there are people who are more prone, this is usually due to poor oral hygiene, something obvious after two months of being in the snow. But it can also get worse stressis logical in such a situation, and weakness of the immune systemwhich would have been more than likely given the poor diet and extreme conditions they were exposed to.

Periodontal diseases in Snow Society

Carlos Paesone of the survivors in the real story Snow Society stated that Bayona’s film is more realistic than They live IN many respects. Interestingly, one of them is that in a Hollywood film from the 90s, the main characters, in his words, “they had white teeth

This is impossible in a situation like the one they found themselves in. And Bayona doesn’t just present teeth that are more realistic in color. Also regarding the fact that in some cases even they will move.

Without good oral hygiene, periodontal disease can occur. This is an infection of the gums that damages the tissue around the teeth. If the situation becomes very serious, the bone on which the teeth rest can also be damaged, causing them to become dislodged and even come to a fall

Lack of oral hygiene, poor diet and stress. This is a terrible cocktail for your gums. Therefore, although it is not specified what happens to this character Snow Societywithout a doubt this is most likely.

Oral hygiene is very important to prevent periodontal disease. Photo: Diana Polekhina (Unsplash)

Other reasons why a tooth may move

The tooth can also be moved using injury. In the case of the wounded, this would be possible, but not all the teeth would move, only one or a few. Also, if there is hole nearby. If they lost teeth in an accident, this could happen, but again, it wouldn’t happen to everyone.

Of course, with baby teeth, they move when they are going to move. But this does not apply to heroes Snow Society. Therefore, these are much less likely hypotheses than periodontal disease.

Source: Hiper Textual

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