In Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, first published in 1687, Newton’s theory of universal gravitation, written by physicist and mathematician Isaac Newton, was used to explain physics concepts.

In 1915, Albert Einstein proposed the theory of general relativity and expanded Newton’s concepts because the hypothesis was considered incomplete with respect to some concepts. Newton’s theory was not perfect, but Einstein also knew that his version could not explain everything about physics.

student in astrophysics at the People’s Friendship University (RUDN) in Russia, according to a new study published in the scientific journal The European Physical Journal C. He passed a law that could improve the general theory of relativity.

According to Fazlullahi, Removing a conservative mathematical energy and momentum law could improve general relativity theory and overcome some of the obstacles associated with Einstein’s work.

The student states that general relativity has integration problems with quantum mechanics, so he is looking for a new way to explain the emergence of gravity from the curvature of space-time.

“Einstein’s non-renormalizability problem of gravity is well known. This has led to dozens of attempts to treat it as a low-energy theory. In string theory, for example, Einstein’s classical equation is just the first term of an infinite gravitational series.” Therefore, at high energies and/or within the event horizon of black holes, it is possible for the curvature of space-time and gravity to deviate from Einstein’s theory of general relativity,” said student Hamidreza Fazlullahi from the Institute of Education and Sciences of the Institute of Gravity and Cosmology at RUDN.

Updated theory of relativity

The astrophysicist explains that by abandoning some basic assumptions of the general theory of relativity, it is possible to discover a new way to describe gravity based on the curvature of space-time. Fazlullahi states that he turned to relativistic thermodynamics to find energy and momentum transformations similar to those used in Einstein’s theory.

Albert Einstein’s works have become popular among scientists worldwide; after all, he was responsible for explaining some of the most complex concepts in physics.

However, it is important to emphasize that the theory cannot explain everything and is probably wrong on some level. For this reason, Scientists like Fazlullahi are trying to find new ways to explain some concepts that are not yet fully understood.

“The astrophysicist showed that the new gravitational model is consistent in different environments and can be used in astrophysical and astronomical research. As an example, the author tested the new theory by calculating two stages of the development of the Universe (inflation and accelerated expansion). The indicators of the new theory are consistent with experimental observations,” reads an official statement done.

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Source: Tec Mundo

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