Jordi Evole Yesterday I was walking around Madrid during an interview with a comedian Genar Alvarez, when a child passing by shouted “Viva Franco.” Instead of getting angry or flinching from apologizing to the dictator, the presenter burst into laughter, which quickly caused weakness of many muscles. Henar had to offer his help to keep him from falling to the ground, although he didn’t seem too bothered by what was happening to him. And if he wasn’t worried, it was because he knew perfectly well what was happening to him. Jordi Evole cataplexy The diagnosis has been around for many years, and in fact, this is not the first time it has been shown on television.

For example, he had already had another similar attack as an interviewee in Anthill or as an interviewer before Estopa. In all cases, although he did not lose consciousness, he was close. He always does call for calm the person who accompanies him, because he knows well what is happening to him transient. But what exactly is it?

Cataplexy is a condition in which muscles weaken when powerful emotions such as laughter, fear or anger, although these are more common with positive emotions. In his case, at least in public, it was always for a laugh. He literally falls over laughing.

What else do we know about cataplexy?

Cataplexy most often affects people with narcolepsy. This Sleep disorder which causes extreme sleepiness during the day. So much so that sometimes patients cannot stay awake.

It is estimated that 3 out of 4 patients with narcolepsy have cataplexy, although this does not appear to be the case in Jordi Evole. In some patients this may be due to brain tumors or infections, which would also be wrong. And in certain cases this genetic condition what it represents.

Cataplexy often occurs when the patient laughs loudly. Photo: Ainara Oto (Unsplash)

Why is this happening?

When we fall asleep, during REM sleepThere is muscle atony. That is, muscle weakness occurs. This is why some people experience sleep paralysis. They wake up just at the moment when the muscles do not respond.

In people with cataplexy, such as Jordi Evole, this muscle weakness, characteristic of sleep, occurs while they are awake. This occurs due to a deficiency of a neuropeptide called hypocretin. Neuropeptides are small proteins that have specific effects on the brain. In the case of hypocretin, its main function is to control sleep and wakefulness. That is, it is part of the mechanisms that tell the brain when we are sleeping and when we are awake. However, he also participates in managing strong emotions.

Therefore, in people with an abnormal level, a kind of short circuit may occur, so that a strong emotion leads to muscle weakness characteristic of sleep.

Is what’s happening to Jordi Evol serious?

Cataplexy in cases where it is not associated with other diseases, as apparently happened with Jordi Evole. This is not dangerous in itself.. The attacks last a few seconds or, at most, a few minutes.

The problem is that they may fall or have accidents occurs as a result of muscle atonia. Therefore, it is important that those around you are informed and know how to react. That’s why he told Henard last night not to hesitate to help him when this happens. The Franco boy’s impact was far greater than he could have imagined when he shouted his proclamation.

Source: Hiper Textual

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