Influential person Adara Molinero There has been a lot of talk about this on social media lately. Firstly, due to complaints she herself made after receiving burns during cosmetic procedures to remove skin blemishes. Later for promotion SilvedermaA burn medicine what does it require medical prescription and therefore under no circumstances can it be made public as she did.

Both questions generated even more controversy. On the one hand, because her dermatologist is threatening to sue her for perjury because her burns are not as serious as she claims. Moreover, they are part expected treatment effect. On the other hand, because the Silvederma ointment he used not only requires a prescription. Its usage is also quite outdated and may be counterproductive.

Thus, we see Adara Molinero unfairly condemning medical treatment to her followers and promoting a cure that not only should not be shown the way she did, but is also useless. It’s a whole soap opera for social networks that we don’t know how it will end.

According to statements from the aesthetic clinic where Adara Molinero was treated, the influential man has been visiting her for two years. There he underwent several procedures, the last of which involved removing spots on his skin using laser.

The girl showed several burns on social networks, allegedly caused by a laser malfunction. He assured that he plans to sue the clinic. However, the dermatologist who treated her She also clarified that she will file a charge of perjury against her because the situation is not as serious as she is making it out to be. It is true that he suffered burns in the process, but this was within the limits of what was expected and reported. The treatment will consist of burning off the spots and allowing the skin to regenerate again. Therefore, nothing unusual will happen. But without a doubt, if there was one thing that outraged many people on social media, it was the second episode of this soap opera: Silvederma recommendations.

Silvederma: the supposed miracle against burns

Adara Molinero even stated on her Instagram Stories that Silvederma cream “saved her life.”

We are talking about advertising a product that actually This is a prescription medicine.. This is not the first time that influencers have engaged in this type of advertising. A few years ago, for example, there was a big controversy over Eridosis, antibiotic-laced wipes that many content creators advertised almost as if they were cosmetics for daily use.

This is something that often happens with topical products. Whether they are wipes or cream, they feel less like a drug. But what matters is not how they are managed, but substances they contain.

In the case of Silvederma, its main active ingredient is silver sulfadiazine, an antibiotic indicated for the treatment and prevention of bacterial infections, both in ulcers and second and third degree burns. For many years it was one of the main methods of treating burns. But not only against second and third grade students. It could often be found in the first aid kit in almost any home for minor burns that could be sustained in the kitchen or when using a hair straightener.

This is, logically, antibiotic abuse. But consumers should not be blamed either, since for a long time it was even sold in pharmacies to relieve this type of burns. Gradually the situation is changing. There is much more awareness of the sale of prescription drugs, although you can still find some establishments that continue to sell them without a prescription.

Its use may do more harm than good

The problem is that even with a prescription, Silvederma is being phased out because some studies show it does more harm than good. This is due to several reasons. First of all because promotes the release of exudate from burns and increases indoor humidity. This has three consequences: diluting the drug, delaying healing, and creating an environment favorable to bacteria. Secondly, Silvederma may cause hypersensitivity in some patients. This actually happens with almost any drug, but it is something to consider. On the other hand, it can damage healthy cells and also contributes to antibiotic resistance. This happens especially if it is overused, by using it for too long, too little, or simply when it is not needed.

As if all this were not enough, the duration of its effect is very short, so it requires repeated reapplication, causing severe discomfort.

Topical preparations are often confused with cosmetics. Photo: Bahiu Olivetto (Pexels)

Silvederma is not a cosmetic product.

Prescription drugs should never be advertised outside of the healthcare industry. For this reason, an influential person like Adara Molinero should not show Silvederma as the cream that saved her life. It is followed by many people who may consider it as another option for treating burns without taking into account possible risks.

In addition, it can be confused with a cosmetic product. If this occurs, it can be used regularly, in uncontrolled doses, without any caution interrupting treatment. Thus, skin bacteria exposed to the antibiotic are destroyed. education fight with it. Those whose genes are able to resist its effects are selected. And then, since bacteria have the ability to exchange genes among themselves, they can pass on this resistance others that are harmful. That way, when we actually need an antibiotic, it will no longer be suitable for us.

This is a great danger antibiotic resistance and the reason why, when in doubt, we should always consult a doctor or pharmacist. Never to our main influencer.

Source: Hiper Textual

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