Chery, the parent company of Omoda, has just struck a deal with start producing your cars in Spain. Specifically on the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​in the place where, until 2021, Nissan did the same. Thanks to this movement it will become the first Chinese automobile company to produce cars in Spain.

And yes, the Chinese company has made a commitment produce cars completely, no small production or pre-assembled cars in China. The first agreement with EV Motors, which is responsible for the giant plant, did involve the supply of semi-assembled cars, but negotiations ended in favor of Spanish industry with a commitment to production from scratch.

EV Motors, which failed to make more than a profit 500,000 square meters of its plant in now upgrading its facilities to be able to produce almost 300,000 vehicles per year.

Chery will produce the electric Omoda 5 in Spain

How can we read in A countryOn April 19, Chery will sign an agreement with EV Motors, becoming first Chinese car manufacturer to have a production line in Spain. This operational center is located near Barcelona, ​​namely in a free trade zone.

Chery’s new Omoda brand will be responsible for filling a significant portion of the plant’s production lines. The company intends to have a new Omoda 5, 100% electric SUVMade in Barcelona from scratch.

This fact, according to the above-mentioned source, will entail exorbitant efforts on the part of Chery, which will have to search for local suppliers of raw materials and products all types. It would not be economically viable to import everything needed, and it has already been estimated that more 50% of the works will be Spanish..

Moreover, the 1,000 jobs under the first agreement will remain a joke, since it is expected that the plant, operating at full capacity, a much broader level of hiring is needed. 1,400 former Nissan employees who lost their jobs in 2021 may be rescheduled as cadres of new reindustrialization.

Fortunately for future buyers, they are actively returning from China. Cherie on one of her visits to the plant, Needed to run it empty to check everything was working correctly and indicate what changes they wanted to make to ensure their quality standards were met. EV Motors, at the request of the company, has committed to renovate the paint shop in accordance with environmental measures, which will require an investment of more than 70 million euros.

Source: Hiper Textual

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