Apple Watch SE drops to minimum price on Amazon

Amazon has the Apple Watch SE for a great price, and it will also arrive in time for Christmas.

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Amazon currently has the most interesting Apple Watch for most users at a great price. First generation Apple Watch SE was positioned as the affordable Apple Watch and can now be yours for even lessand it’s Christmas time.

this first generation Apple Watch SE It’s dropping in price on Amazon and can only be yours right now 249 euros. At this price, it’s hard to find a better smartwatch than this Apple Watch, it has great features and lots of health sensors. In fact, there is little innovation in the new model, so this one is much more recommended.

Apple Watch SE (1st generation)

Apple Watch SE 2nd Generation

Apple Watch SE crashes just in time for Christmas

This is a great offer, we also have a good discount at other stores like MediaMarkt, but not that big on amazon. Plus, Amazon guarantees it’ll arrive before Christmas, so it could be a great gift.

If you are looking for a new Apple Watch, this is a very good opportunity. The Apple Watch SE has backup power and exactly the same display and sensors as the new model. And now much cheaper.

Apple Watch SE (1st generation)

Apple Watch SE 2nd Generation

Apple Watch SE on sale at Amazon

Apple Watch SE official specs

this Apple Watch SE is the most interesting watch for the vast majority And that’s because it has great features and an affordable price, it’s a device that will last for many years:

  • Model with GPS.
  • Allows you to make calls and send messages from the wrist.
  • Large OLED Retina display.
  • The S5 processor is up to twice as fast as the Series 3.
  • Check your daily activity on Apple Watch and see your progress in the Fitness app on iPhone.
  • Record your workouts every time you go for a run, walk, swim, yoga, bike, dance and more.
  • Swim-friendly design, endurance up to 50 meters.
  • High or low heart rate notifications and irregular rhythm alert.
  • Sync music, podcasts and audiobooks.
  • Pay securely from your wrist with Apple Pay.
  • Integrated compass and real-time recording of the difference.
  • With watchOS 9 with new features.

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