Recently, a new application for Mac and Windows appeared on the Tinkoff Bank website, which allows you to store banking utilities on your iPhone and iPad. Now let’s look at how it all works and what limitations there are in this way.

As the name suggests, T-Mazing released in the state with iMazing developers. This utility has been preserved for a long time; it allows you to create local backup copies of applications on your computer, transfer data from one iPhone to another and, of course, store deleted applications from the App Store.

What do you need for work?

The T-Mazing application is available on Mac and Windows PC, the utility is free.

To work, you will need a cable to connect your iPhone to your computer. In addition, enter your Apple ID and password in the vulnerability program.

It is safe, the utility is posted on the bank’s official website. In addition, your account likely includes two-factor authentication. A login and password will not be enough to access your information; code confirmation will also be required. You can read about security on the Tinkoff website.

If in doubt, use other methods of installing the Tinkoff Bank application.

How to install Tinkoff applications via T-Mazing

1. download utility T-Mazing on the bank’s website. Please note that there are different versions: for Mac with processors Intel and with chips M-series.

2. Mount the image and transfer the utility to the fixer. Programs.

3. Connect your iPhone to your computer using a cable.

4. Enter your Apple ID and password. Confirm login via Mac or iPhone.

View the list of applications available for installation. And here the main provision of utilities awaits us T-Mazing. As is the case with iMazing, Only those bank applications that you have previously installed on your Apple ID are taken into account.

If a new Apple ID is created, the utility will not find anything in your cloud storage to install. If you need to transfer old applications to a new iPhone, everything will work.

5. Select the desired application from the list and click Administration.

Wait a few minutes for the power indicator to show the installation progress. During the process, the iPhone may reboot or enter the unlock code.

This way you can install all available programs of Tinkoff Bank.

What to do if the app you need is not in your Apple ID download history

If the desired program on your Apple ID has not previously downloaded, you need to find another or related program that once downloaded banking utilities.

Next is the process analogue:

▶ When starting T-Mazing Provide another’s account.

▶ Install the required application on your iPhone. It is absolutely safe, installed only by the utility without an account. When you first launch, you will log into your account; you will not show any other data.

The first time you launch the program on your iPhone, you can enter your Apple ID and enter the password for another rosary (this is the last time you will need it).

▶ After successful installation, be sure to log in to your App Store account. For this introduction Settings – Apple ID Account – Content & Purchasesclick Go out and log in with your account.

Advantages and disadvantages

The ability is imperfect and has both pros and cons.

✅ You can restore all Tinkoff apps from your download history. even TJ, In shares And Tinkoff Mobile.

✅ Installing applications is easier than through iMazing and trust in the bank’s utility is higher than in an external developer.

✅ You can install the application from your purchase history to friends and relatives.

And here is a set of disadvantages:

❌ You need to enter your Apple ID and password. Many people are afraid of this, but at the moment installation through purchase history is the only way.

❌ To install the application, it must be in your Apple ID download history. Otherwise, problems will look for a friend with such a person.

❌ History apps will not update. When the next T-Help application is released, you will need to download it in order to be able to reinstall it through T-Mazing in the future.

❌ If you previously installed the bank application via iMazing or it was downloaded by a bank representative, the method will not work.

This is how we got a new and relatively simple way to use the yellow bank utilities under restrictions from Apple.

Source: Iphones RU

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