Are you thinking about buying a motorcycle to get around the city? If you look at the market, you will find several options, including: electric scootersinternal combustion engines, scooters and other gadgets such as overboard. Today we will focus on the first option and tell you about its main advantages over its fiercest competitor – a scooter with a thermal engine.

And the motorcycle has always been an excellent ally for move around the city quickly, efficiently and without traffic jams, so it’s normal that you want to consider purchasing one. And in the entire catalogue, the scooter format is one of the best for avoiding cars, making quick turns and ultimately moving from one place to another in a busy capital.

But of course today the million dollar question arises: Should you buy an electric scooter or one with an internal combustion engine? The rise in popularity of electric mobility has attracted the interest of dozens of brands to the market, and with more and more interesting options emerging, it’s easy to be doubtful about which option is best.

At we love electric mobility, so we got to work to tell you What are the benefits of choosing an electric scooter? compared to a thermal engine. Here are 6 reasons why we would buy an electrified motorcycle!

The electric scooter barely enters the workshop

Like cars, motorcycles with electric motors they go to the workshop less and their service is much less frequent. There are no air filters, no oil, and their propellers have almost no consumables such as a spark plug. This does not mean that the electric scooter does not need maintenance, as it still has a brake, shock absorber and tire system.

Now taking the internal combustion engine out of the equation is main part to save workshop visits and maintenance costs. In fact, checking the brake pads and the condition of the tires is enough; you don’t need to do anything else.

Finally, you should also keep in mind that electric motors suffer less from extreme temperaturestherefore they have no problems with cold starting and there is no need to use the carburetor when atmospheric conditions change.

Segway E300SE

Fuel economy

This is the most popular perk and should definitely be on this list. Right now, with a decent rate, Electric mobility is more economical than traditional mobility.. Riding an electric scooter is cheaper than riding a motorcycle with an internal combustion engine. It’s not free, as many people think, but the cost of recharging motorcycle batteries compared to the autonomy they offer is very, very profitable.

In addition, most scooters with internal combustion engines use 95 gasoline, so Its fuel is one of the most expensive available at gas stations.. Not to mention, many people need an oil mixture, which makes every kilometer even more expensive.

Electric scooters

Forget about carrying

Have you ever wondered why you almost never see electric scooters are charged outdoors? Most of these vehicles are integrated removable batteries, so you can charge them at home or in the office. Simply take it out, grab it by the handle, and plug it in so it’s ready whenever you want to go outside.

That is, you not only save on fuel, but also you will avoid frequent visits to the gas station. You can recharge your battery at home while you do other things or sleep without wasting any special time.

Electric scooters
VAU 775

Electric scooters and (not) noise

Seriously, until you use an electric scooter (after going through a combustion engine), you don’t realize they make little noise. Well, they don’t actually make any noise other than a slight hiss and a slight rocking of the tire on the asphalt. And yes it is clear advantage of moving anywhere.

You won’t bother anyone, you can circulate at any time in residential areas and most importantly, you won’t sing wherever you go. While it’s true that not all combustion scooters make a lot of noise, the presence of most of them is noticeable when driving down almost any street.

More and better power

If you’ve never driven an electric car, it’s hard to understand how does his power work?. These are gearless motors that provide all the torque from the start. This doesn’t mean that electric scooters go too fast, but it does mean that they are more efficient and offer maximum acceleration before combustion.

If you’ve ridden a motorcycle around town, you know this is extremely important. Economy motorcycles with internal combustion engines usually have very poor acceleration and require considerable distance to achieve optimal speedwhile most electric mopeds offer the exact opposite experience.

More technologies

Finally, it’s time to talk about technology. Electric scooters have entered the market as a cutting-edge product designed for those users who value more than just driving and getting from one point to another. Most of this car catalog includes advanced regenerative braking systemskeyless start, connection with a smartphone to obtain information about the status of all elements, intelligent braking and much more.

These are advancements that, while reaching internal combustion engine scooters, are not typically common. A differentiating element, for example, is the possibility vehicle location: Most of the fleet of electric motorcycles have a system for finding them if they are stolen, otherwise it is not common.

As an added bonus, we’ve saved one of the most important benefits for last. And it’s nothing more than the fact that achieve zero emissions when moving around the city. If you care about the environment, choosing an electric scooter will not only save you money and improve your moving experience, but also give the environment a little break by avoiding using another expensive vehicle.

Source: Hiper Textual

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