Hogwarts Legacy It was one of the most successful video games of 2023. Despite an attempted boycott over JK Rowling’s transphobic comments, the game, developed by Avalanche Software, became a sensation: it received excellent reviews in the trade press, sold more than 24 million copies and became the highest-grossing game in the US last year. And this great event will contribute to the development Director’s cut.

The existence of this supposed “director’s cut” Hogwarts Legacy was revealed in a recent report Bloomberg about failure Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Journalist Jason Schreier looked into the backstory of the Rocksteady Studios-led project and how its disastrous commercial results led to a $200 million loss for Warner Bros.

Although the journalistic activity is focused on the disaster Suicide SquadSchreier reports that several employees of the British studio are contributing to the development Director’s cut from Hogwarts Legacy. Apparently, Warner Bros.’s intention. Games is to there is greater collaboration between their research. And how is he publisher has a much smaller staff than its competitors, it chose Rocksteady to help Avalanche develop a new version of the game based on the universe Harry Potter.

Rocksteady will collaborate with Avalanche on Director’s cut from Hogwarts Legacy

For now, no more details about this obvious Director’s cut from Hogwarts Legacy. This version of the Avalanche Software game has not yet been officially announced by Warner Bros. Games, so it is still unknown. what it might include or when it might be released to the market.

It makes sense that WB wants to squeeze as much as possible out of the film’s commercial and critical success. Hogwarts Legacy. The title is based on the saga of Harry Potter suffered from numerous development delays, but once it reached users, it did not disappoint. In an analysis we published in HypertextWe describe this as a dream come true for fans of JK Rowling’s literary saga and its subsequent film adaptations.

Let’s not forget that Warner Bros. Games is also working on Quidditch Championsmultiplayer online game dedicated to a popular sport Harry Potter. This offering is in development at Unbroken Studios, but there is no word yet on when it will reach fans’ hands.

As for Rocksteady Studios, Director’s cut from Hogwarts Legacy This will not be his only project on this path. In accordance with Bloombergthe company will strive to offer development new single player game. So it will try to return to its most experienced segment after the fiasco Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League. Let’s not forget that the London studio has shone in the past alongside Batman and a trilogy consisting of Arkham Asylum, Arkham City And Arkham Knight.

In the meantime, Avalanche Software continues to work on Hogwarts Legacy. Today, in fact, the studio released the long-awaited free summer update for its game. Harry Potter. It includes a new “Photo Mode”, the ability to reset talent trees and a mission. Haunted Hogsmeade.

Source: Hiper Textual

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