Whether you’re a car manufacturer connoisseur, you’re probably Have you ever heard of BYD?. Good because it’s one of the flagship brands Chinese auto industry in the West or because of the news we knew at the beginning of 2024: BID sold more electric vehicles than Tesla, the global benchmark in this segment. And if you didn’t know anything about BID, Don’t worry. Sooner or later you will read or see something about this Chinese giant. Specializes in electric cars and who wants to sell their models World.

In early 2024, Tesla announced sales for the previous year. And the media supported it BIDits Chinese competitor sold more electric vehicles in fourth quarter 2023. Tesla’s figure was 484,507 vehicles. Bye BID reached 526,409 electric vehicles. Significant figures for the two main manufacturers of this segment of cars, which is on the rise and which are expected to replace the current fleet of petrol and diesel cars. What gives greater importance for the BYD role on the world stage.

For several years now, Chinese automobile giants They began to expand their business beyond their borders. A range of brands that we can find in different countries and which, although not yet fully established, are already starting to attract people. BID It is one of the most popular car shows both indoors and outdoors. And although its presence in Europe is growing, still not that popular like other more famous brands. Even in the electrical segment, where they still dominate. Tesla, Volkswagen, Stellantis, Renault or Hyundai. However, it is important to know who he is. BIDbecause it is inevitable that your European expansion will be very noticeable in the coming years.

Who is BID?

BYD is the leader in the production of electric vehicles in China

BID This business conglomerate Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The headquarters are also located in this city Huawei, Tencent And DJI, among other things. Your Creator, Wang Chuanfu, is the ninth richest person in his country. Its most visible face to the general public is its electric vehicle business, but it also makes buses, trucks, trains, forklifts, taxis and batteries. The division we know best is BID Autocreated in 2003. Initially, it produced rechargeable batteries.

And for the most curious BID comes from the Chinese name of the company, Biyadi. Which, in turn, comes from the original name, Yadi Electronics. On the road of the same name, where the headquarters was located. TO Yadi was added Bi appear first in alphabetical order. Subsequently BID included a motto Build your dreamswhich coincides with the initials that give the company name.

Come back to BID AutoBorn in 2003, since 2009 it has been the most important division of the BYD conglomerate and, as we saw earlier, one of the main electric vehicle manufacturers. The first model went on sale in 2008. BID F3DM. It was a plug-in hybrid. And in 2009 it appeared BID e6, his first electric battery. Since March 2022, it produces only electric ones. And, following the same strategy as other Chinese companies, it sells its cars under different brands. Besides BYD, it uses Denza (2010), Yanwan (2023) and Fangchengbao (2023). The first one with Mercedes Benz.

More about BYD

BYD headquarters in Shenzhen, China.

Beyond its weight in the Chinese market, being leading manufacturer of electric vehicles since 2015, BID The company also ranks first in sales of electric vehicles in Israel and Thailand. However, it exports cars to Europe, South America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. His expected topic is the United States. Although in February of this year it was announced that a plant would be created in Mexico for export your electric cars to Latin American countries and, in the future, to the USA.

Otherwise, the most popular models are BYD Qin And BYD Song. The first is a compact sedan. And, secondly, a compact crossover SUV. Although last year the best-selling models were ATTO 3 (YuanPlus) and Dolphinfollowed by Song Plus And Signal. In addition to producing its own cars, since 2020 it also produces your own LFP batteries (lithium iron phosphate) which he installs in his cars and sells to other manufacturers such as Toyota. There were even rumors that Tesla itself used its own batteries.

In 2023 BID the most successful outside of China was ATTO 3, sold over 100,000 units worldwide, excluding China. There it is known as BYD Yuan Plus. Followed by Dolphin With nearly 75,000 sales outside of China, Song Pluswith over 28,000 units sold, and Signalwith over 23,000 sales worldwide, excluding China.

BYD plans in Europe

BYD Dolphin interior

BYD took its first steps in European market in 2021when he started selling his first cars in Norway. It currently holds 1.1% of the European electric vehicle market. And his goal is to reach 5% in the near future. For this, your new plant in Hungary, which should start operating before 2026. Its production capacity will be 150,000 cars per year. With the possibility of doubling this power at a certain time.

Last year sales BID They were somewhat limited. The most successful model is BID ATTO 3, 12,363 units sold. Compared to 100,000 units sold worldwide, excluding China. Followed by BID Dolphinfrom 1079, BYD Tang from 1055, They have from 849 and Signal from 284. For comparison, in January of this year Volkswagen Group almost reaches 260,000 units, while Stellantis exceeded 183,000 units and Renault almost reaches 93,000 units sold.

Source: Hiper Textual

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