Clippy is back as a sticker pack for Microsoft Teams!

A few years ago, Clippy came with Microsoft Office and Windows, a small, customizable assistant in the form of a clip. it can help you complete some tasks, especially those related to the computer package. However, the truth is that many users were somewhat annoyed by this, so with the advent of Office 2007 and Office XP, the company decided to abandon Clippy.

However, the most nostalgic will continue to remember Clippy, because even though it wasn’t very helpful to many of the users, it was curious and friendly to see Clippy occasionally asking some questions and trying to help you improve your use of it. tools. And now, Microsoft has decided to bring it back to its collaboration platform for teams..

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Did you miss Clippy? It’s now available as a sticker pack in Microsoft Teams.

As we mentioned, while it is true that Clippy was completely removed a few years ago, the truth is that many missed it. For this reason, Microsoft made a decision some time ago bring it back as a sticker pack for Microsoft Teamspackage that is gradually becoming available.

As can be seen, in this case these are somewhat flatter stickers compared to the previous Clippy logo.but despite this, they can be quite curious in chats and Microsoft Teams.

The sticker pack in question gradually appears to users, which may cause a crash when using Microsoft Teams, depending on the version and updates installed. However, you shouldn’t worry as it may arrive soon.

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