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Youtuber has created a car that drives backwards using TVs instead of a windshield.


Curious to know how sometimes genius in the details. And it is these little details that are remembered for a lifetime.

Captain Scarlet is a British television classic of the 1960s, a wonderful television series produced exclusively with dolls and models, but with stunning detail and realism. Although his successor is better known, thunder birdson which feature films were made a few years ago.

Despite being a children’s series, it has surprisingly complex and mature plots, which is why it aired in the UK for decades. YouTuber Tom Scott saw him as a child in the 90s and was fascinated by a curious detail: one of the main character’s cars was reversing, looking not at the road, but at the TV screen.

It’s mindless driving, but the futuristic series can afford it. However, for Tom Scott, this is a question that has been spinning in his head for 25 years: can you drive backwards?

A YouTuber with 5 million subscribers can afford certain things, like asking his Sparkmate friends to create one. rear driving carnamely, looking out the rear window as the car moves forward. And to orient monitor showing the road ahead.

This is an unnatural system because our brain is going crazy. The car is moving forward, but when we sit backwards, the brain determines that we are going backwards. And when reversing, turning right causes the car to turn left, and vice versa.

Is it possible to drive like this? This video tries to find out:


Can you really drive a car facing backwards?

As we see the first version of the car uses an Xbox controller to drive, and it’s not very intuitive. Tom Scott is completely disoriented and can barely move in a straight line at very low speed.

They decide to change the gamepad to video game flyerand things get better. He can make a few turns and gain confidence… until his brain tries to get back to reality, he turns left when he should have turned right, and got into a minor accident.

At the end of the video, after several hours of practice, youtuber can drive around the race track, driving backwards with a screen.

So the answer that has tormented him since childhood now has an answer: Yes, you can drive in reverse with a little practice.

Very funny video and joke for the legendary series Captain Scarlet: they were right.

Source: Computer Hoy

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