Arrives Julya month that apparently doesn’t bring many astronomical events; but it actually has some very interesting dates to look up at. It is often said that this month is the month where only the star showers whet the celebrity appetite. August Perseids.

This statement applies to delta aquarids. But the truth is that this is not the only meteor shower among the astronomical events of July. In fact, this month only three phenomena of this typeand their maximum points are very close to each other.

The most intense period is delta aquarids. But we also find Austrian fishthe peak of which occurs two days before the peak of the aquarium delta, and the peak alpha capricornids, which shares the highest point with the most intense meteor shower in July. Also, as with every month, it is worth commenting on the legend behind the name of the full moon and, of course, some of the most beautiful conjunctions we will see in the sky.

Meteor showers, the main characters of the astronomical events of July

The Pisces Austrinids begin on July 15 and end on August 10. However, its peak will occur around the night of July 28th. It is expected that on this day you will be able to see some 5 meteors per hour in completely dark places. This will not be easy as the Moon will be at full moon. Last quarter, so there will be some light that will interfere with this. As for the best time to see them, it will be from the moment the constellation Pisces Austrinus appear above the horizon. This will largely depend on where we are. Some applications, such as Stellarium, are very useful for testing this. In Spain it will be a little after midnight, but without the app we won’t be able to know the exact moment at each point.

astronomical events, meteor storm, meteor shower
July meteor showers overlap each other. Photo: Austin Schmid (Unsplash)

On the other hand, the Delta Aquarids begin on July 12 and end on August 23, peaking on the night of August 23. July 30. You might have seen some that day. 25 meteors per hour with a completely dark sky, but the problem is exactly the same as with the others. The moon is still in the same phase. To see them, in addition to finding a place away from light pollution, it is advisable to know when the constellation Aquarium. Again, we can help ourselves with Stellarium, although the times in Spain will be more or less the same as the previous ones.

The same will happen with alpha Capricorns. This meteor shower begins on July 3 and ends on August 15 and peaks during July 30It’s not very intense, with some 5 meteors per hourand to see it we will have to wait for the constellation Capricorn.

All these astronomical events overlap each other, so if we see a shooting star in late July, it will be very difficult to know which one it belongs to. It could even be an early Perseid.

Full moon in July

Like every month, the full moon in July receives a name that has nothing to do with its appearance. It’s just a result of tradition indigenous people of North America.

full moon
Full moon names usually come from Native American tradition. Source: Pixabay.

During the astronomical events of July, the full Moon will be visible on 21 Julyor. Native Americans knew it as “Tank Moon”. In English, the term “buck” refers to the male of some species with antlers, such as deer. They named it this way because it was the time when male deer began to grow new antlers. It was also known as Hey Moon or Thunder Moonfor obvious reasons.

Astronomical Events Filled with Conjunctions

In the astronomical events of each month we always see the dates of some events. unions. Of course, July will be no exception.

In this case, the Moon will be visible next to Mars on the 1st, Jupiter on the 3rd, Mercury on the 7th, Saturn on the 24th, and again with Mars on the 30th and Jupiter on the 31st. We can also see this cyclical dance of satellites and planets at the conjunction of Mars and Uranus on July 15th.

No doubt, July will also be a good month for astronomical events. Write the dates in your diary.

Source: Hiper Textual

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