A team of scientists has developed an exoskeleton with artificial intelligence that could assist with many daily tasks, including walking and running. Created by researchers from the US state of North Carolina, the equipment can be donned in less than a minute and aids in daily mobility.

It was developed by scientists at North Carolina State University, members of the Biomechatronics and Intelligent Robotics Laboratory. exoskeleton uses AI knowledge and interpretation to facilitate routine actionsautomatic adaptation of the software to new users.

The tool helps users with routine tasks such as: walk, run and lift weights more easilycomplements the user’s power. The solution is almost like a copy of the Energized Skeleton. Death Shore This allows hero Sam Porter Bridges to carry more orders at once without losing his balance.

For this, Robot uses artificial intelligence to predict user’s movements and its surroundings, thus aiding actions almost immediately.

On first use, You may feel like the equipment is “pulling” your leg and anticipating your movement.” points out researcher Ivan Lopez-Sanchez, one of the lab members.

However, after a certain period of use, the user gets used to the machine’s interpretation and begins to act in a synchronized manner.

Cheaper virtual education

Dr. Hao Su, another researcher involved in the project, said: Exoskeleton training takes place entirely in a virtual environmentinstead of relying on simulation in real scenarios, such as people on a treadmill, for example.

“HE [o exoesqueleto] “It only needs to be trained on a computer for about 8 hours,” he says. After that, the carrier can walk, run and even climb stairs.

A The solution can be used by people with mobility difficultiesSuch as the elderly or disabled. However, this will require special equipment training.

Now the lab at the University of North Carolina is working on new models and experimenting with structures that will make the equipment more comfortable and oriented to human use.

According to Su, the exoskeleton currently costs $10,000 to build (about R$55,700 at current prices), a competitive price for other solutions on the market but still prohibitive. The team is also committed to making the equipment cheaper and more accessible.

Source: Tec Mundo

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