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This Android malware will sign you up for paid services without your knowledge


When we subscribe to any type of service through our mobile phone, we must remember that every month a certain economic amount is deducted from us, and it is always convenient that we refuse services that we do not use, even if they are very economical. little amount.

And hackers are aware that sometimes a user, out of laziness or because he does not directly remember, does not check all the subscriptions that he has on his mobile phone, which is why they created malware that can subscribe to premium services. .

And a new Microsoft Security report talks about this new scam. that signs up a lot of owners for expensive premium services they never even applied for. These are data network based attacks and this malware is capable of disconnecting you from your Wi-Fi network and using other means to force you to connect to any other network.

Microsoft security

Once malware connects to a data network, initiates the process of subscribing to premium services even by stealing one-time codes to confirm the subscription. It will also hide any notifications sent to your phone so you know you’re subscribed.

Some of the scam apps that have already been removed but may be available on third-party stores fall under popular categories such as mobile customization, beauty, editor, communication, photography, and tools.

These are apps that ask for a series of weird permissions like SMS access, which doesn’t make much sense and that’s why you should be aware of it.

Basically you must view all subscriptions both through your bank account and through your mobile phone options paneland unsubscribe from those that are unfamiliar to you or that you do not use.

Also, avoid downloading apps from third-party stores, and even if you download them from the Google Play store itself, try to only look for well-known developers.

Source: Computer Hoy

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