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8 Tech Gadgets That Will Enhance Your Next Festival Experience


We can say that the festival season has already started with the celebration of Primavera Sound in Barcelona. Plus, with the heat coming on and the big coronavirus lockdowns ending, you don’t want to be cooped up in your house listening to music on your headphones.

Enjoying an open-air festival is a completely different experience that every music lover should try, and as you know, there is something for everyone.

If you’re gearing up for any of the long list of festivals this summer, you might not know what to pack. You’ve got a tent and a few folding chairs, but what about technology? doAre there useful festival gadgets to make the most of your next adventure?

The answer is a big yes, and you’ve also come to the right place because we have collected some really amazing gadgets and accessories and it will surely help you, whether it’s to stay in touch with friends, stay hydrated, charge your smartphone, or get well lit.

8 tech gadgets that will enhance your next festival experience:

  • instant camera
  • portable music speaker
  • Portable accumulator
  • Safe and lock
  • Solar flashlight or activity bracelet
  • RFID wristband
  • mobile phone protector
  • earplugs

instant camera


If you are one of those who want a memory for a lifetime, this is the perfect device. And that is there something different and even more special in the instant supply of a polaroid, despite the fact that all phones these days take great pictures.

However, disposable cameras are not dependent on batteries and are virtually indestructible. These cameras may be outdated in terms of technology, but they still have handy features like a selfie mirror, built-in flash, auto exposure, brightness control, or different lenses to suit every taste.

portable music speaker

jblo flip 3

If you are going to visit a camping festival that will last for several days, then you will 100% need a portable music speaker. Whether you’re cooking breakfast or hanging out with friends while waiting for your next big gig, the music can’t be missing.

Again, it all depends on how much you want to spend, but JBL is one of the best brands for moments like this. (these and all). To be precise, we’re talking about the JBL Charge 3 waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker. The battery life is impressive and the sound is unbelievably good.

It’s small, affordable, and JBL always releases solid products, so it’s a pretty safe bet.

Portable accumulator

The portable battery for charging with just three USBs returns to LIDL for less than 9 euros.


One of the biggest gadgets on the festival list is a decent power bank/portable charger for prevent our cell phone from dying when we need it most (although we already know festival lighting is an issue that needs to be addressed).

Currently, we constantly use mobile devices, which means that their autonomy is not enough for the whole day. The most interesting thing about these gadgets is that there are variations depending on the needs and the best ones are the ones that have multiple ports to charge multiple devices at the same time. We leave you here a good and cheap Lidl example.

If you don’t already have one, we encourage you to get one (they’re incredibly useful). Save yourself the hassle of traveling to any phone charging point and carry one in your backpack.

Safe and lock

computer and lock


We may have gotten a little out of control with this gadget, but we all know that there are festivals that are a little more unsafe than others, although there are bad people everywhere. To be more specific, the ones where we spend the night in a huge field for several days and leave it all day to go to our favorite concerts are the ones where we need to be more careful.

That’s why it’s worth taking a small box with you in which you can store your most valuable things, or a small padlock with which you can close a backpack or suitcase.

It is a fact that security is improved, but an important aspect needs to be mentioned: sometimes foreign friends are too attracted to such objects, because they mean one thing: there is something valuable inside.

And it’s not the first time I’ve seen someone steal a backpack or lockable box just for what they can carry inside. That’s why in the first place We recommend that you continue to use it, but secondly, hide it and not leave it in plain sight just because it is blocked.

Solar flashlight or activity bracelet

Flashlight Xiaomi

Using your phone’s flashlight function drains your phone’s battery. A solar lantern is a much more practical and energy saving option when you need some light, and trust us when we tell you that you will need one, especially if you are camping.

In this case the best option is to buy a solar lantern, so we will use the day to charge it, and we can use it every night. As for the size, it is not necessary to take a huge one, since now there are very small ones, but with incredible light output. There are even folding ones.

In 2020, Xiaomi launched an interesting and curious 3-in-1 flashlight that includes ultraviolet light, dual LED flashlight and infrared focus in its technology.

Another example that can be very useful is the Xiaomi Mi Band 6, which turns its screen into a white light that serves as a flashlight. And the fact is that this feature has become indispensable if you are an adventurer and like to go at night during your routes. We will always have an activity bracelet on our wrist and we will be able to activate the flashlight at any time from the options menu.

RFID wristband

cashless bracelet

Usually mailed to you a few days before or delivered to you on the same day of the festival, these wristbands will allow you to manage all the payments you make while inside. And the fact is that this type of bracelets is increasingly being introduced into society and affects not only festivals. We can also see them in water parks, hotels or conventions.

RFID describes method or process of conveying the unique identity of the bracelet (or any object with RFID support) using radio waves. This technology allows specialized readers or scanners to read data from an RFID tag andtransmitted to a computer system without the need for physical contact.

Due to the security and cost benefits of RFID wristbands, many organizers are turning to this technology to improve their events, and indeed they are.

By topping up your account online or at physical stands during the festival, you can enter money into these bracelets and by simply passing it through the scanner, payment will occur. The remaining money is returned after the end of the event, yes, at the request of the user.

mobile phone protector

Samsung's proprietary screen protector.


Your phone is almost guaranteed to get hurt at the festival (if it makes it home at all). The most common phone troubles are: drops, bumps, loss, contact with dirty hands or liquids, forgetfulness, yanking, and more.

That’s why we recommend that you look for a case that fully protects both parts of your phone and additionally protects it with tempered glass. We’re assuming you want to go with your phone, as the number one tip is to grab the oldest one we have at home.



A festival and ear plugs are not the best idea, but sleeping at 12 am and waking up or just listening to a concert in the neighborhood while trying to rest for those who are waiting for you, maybe you see something very necessary in this wearing ear plugs

pay attention to us if you are going to be at the festival for 5 days, invest in a pair of high quality earplugs and you will thank yourself in the future. And it is that there are some that are designed specifically for this type of event, called the High Fidelity Earplug Earplug.

Source: Computer Hoy

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