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DGT memorizes places where overtaking is prohibited, even if there is no prohibition sign.


The General Directorate of Traffic, an autonomous body of the Spanish government dependent on the Ministry of the Interior responsible for the implementation of traffic policy, uses these vacation weeks to remind us to follow the rules correctly.

And the fact is that since last weekend a summer operation has started with important vehicle traffic throughout Spain and this body wants us to follow the rules in order to avoid possible accidents.

Precisely because of this DGT Twitter account share with us those cases where overtaking is prohibited, regardless of whether there are signs prohibiting overtaking or not.

These cases forbid overtaking because of its danger, and even more so in situations such as those that arise now with a very large number of moving vehicles, which exponentially increases the need to pay attention to more stimuli.

Among these situations we find, for example, curves or height changes without visibility, which, although they do not have their own sign forbidding overtaking, where it is very easy, occupying the oncoming lane, we stumble upon a car.

It also emphasizes the prohibition of overtaking behind a truck performing the same maneuver, since their size makes it impossible to fully see the situationbeing a very emergency.

As you can see, overtaking in tunnels or at pedestrian crossings is also prohibited. In both cases, the problems that bad overtaking or an accident can create will be very big, so this is prohibited.

as you can see These are quite obvious cases where common sense comes into play.and that during these summer months, when many similar situations will occur, it will force drivers to pay close attention.

Similarly, it should be remembered that the absence of signals does not mean that certain types of situations are not regulated. In case of doubt, it is better not to overtake and behave more safely..

Source: Computer Hoy

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