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Precise location of 60 Velolaser (or invisible) DGT radars.


Some of the most advanced radars that DGT has been using for several years are velolaser radars, virtually invisible devices that usually go unnoticed by most drivers and are usually located on different parts of our roads.

These are radars as small as 50 cm, which are placed in certain elements that usually do not have radars, and therefore go unnoticed. They have 4G technology so they can be controlled from anywhere.

Thus, they are very effective because able to detect intruders passing from 15 to 50 mup to two lanes of its location and even with a range reaching from the limits of 30 km / h to 250 km / h.

And of course, considering the situation approximately more than 60 bicycle laser radars the fact that they are currently located throughout the country is a great advantage, and thanks to the Social Drive network, where users share real-time traffic information, we know the position of each of them.

So SocialDrive users have created a personal map on Google Maps that includes the usual location of bicycle laser radars in our country, although many of these radars, being portable, could change their location almost from hour to hour.

Google Maps/Social drive

Once you access the map by clicking on this link, you can zoom in on any location on the map to see the location of the speed cameras. On the other hand, you can also use the drop-down menu on the left to go directly to the respective radar.

This is a personalized map that updates almost in real time and must be visited if you want to know the position of these radars, although obviously if you don’t want to be fined you must obey all traffic rules.

Source: Computer Hoy

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